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Category Archives: Personal Injury

Disability Benefits Every Injured Victim Should Explore

Paying the cost of medical care is of paramount concern for people who have been seriously injured or disabled in accidents. Learning to cope with restricted mobility or speech deficiencies requires continuous, on-going medical attention. Therapy and rehabilitation are essential for victims who hope to recover some portion of their former lives. A personal injury… Read More »

How a Concussion May Lead to a Traumatic Brain Injury

A bump or blow to the head may not cut through the surface of your skin, but could lead to blood pooling beneath the surface of your skull to cause serious and dangerous side effects. The injury may be invisible to the naked eye, but it could cause you to behave strangely. Your family may… Read More »

Public Transportation Accidents

Automobile accidents caused by government-owned vehicles — including buses and trains — are common in Washington. In most states, government entities have a certain measure of immunity or limited liability in personal injury lawsuits. Washington State, however, is uniquely favorable to pedestrians, motorists and passengers injured by public transit vehicles. The concept of sovereign immunity… Read More »

Third Party Claims for Work Related Injuries

Washington state law prevents employees from suing their employers for on-the-job injuries and limits employer liability to paying L&I compensation. This law, however, does not prevent an injured employee from suing a party other than the employer whose negligence caused his or her accident and resulting injury. Unfortunately for injured workers in Washington State, L&I… Read More »

Special Issues in Truck Accidents

Although they are an essential part of our transportation infrastructure, large cargo trucks can pose a significant hazard to other motorists. Whether through poor maintenance, driver error or improper loading and routing, these vehicles frequently cause accidents that result in life-altering injuries and even fatalities. For these reasons, truck accident litigation poses several special issues… Read More »

Special Concerns in Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can be fundamentally different from other on-the-job injuries. Construction workers who receive L&I benefits and leave it at that may be selling themselves short. If someone other than your employer or the general contractor under which your employer is working committed some negligent act that caused your injury, that party may be liable… Read More »

Repayment and Lien Matters in Personal Injury Cases

You may not realize that if you received certain types of medical insurance benefits for your accident injuries, you may need to repay some of it. The law allows many insurers to recover a portion of what they paid on your behalf if you subsequently receive a personal injury settlement or recovery. Unfortunately, even some… Read More »

Side Effects, Causes and Costs of Traumatic Brain Injury

Serious brain injury is traumatic for victims as well as their families. A brain injury can be extremely debilitating and the costs for medical and assistive care are financial burdens that surpass most families’ capabilities. Seattle brain injury lawyers can help you or your loved one recover compensation when someone else is at fault for… Read More »

Washington Wrongful Death Statutes

Washington has various wrongful death statutes that allow family members to recover compensation when a loved one dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, wrongdoing or liability. Seattle wrongful death attorneys can help you apply the appropriate statute in a wrongful death lawsuit. Chapter 4.20 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) contains most… Read More »

Premises Liability Laws: Invitee, Licensee, Social Guest and Trespasser

When you are injured on someone else’s property, the owner’s degree of liability depends on a variety of circumstances — including your legal classification as a person on the property. There are numerous Washington case laws that apply, and premises liability attorneys in Seattle, WA can evaluate your injury and grounds for a lawsuit. The… Read More »

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