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Category Archives: Personal Injury

Where Are Cases Heard?

The court system is made up of several state and federal court districts. Knowing which court is the appropriate place to file your case is necessary to the ultimate success of your claim. Cases filed in the incorrect forum are not heard, leaving you without a remedy for your damages. You have to file your… Read More »

Who Is At Fault?

The party or company that causes an accident is generally the one found to be at fault. Finding fault is important because it sets the landscape for fixing liability and an award amount. There may be multiple parties that are the cause of your injury, or a company may be the culprit. Depending on the… Read More »

Can I Settle A Case After Filing A Lawsuit?

Not all incidents of injury go to trial, or even require a lawsuit be filed. Many disputes are settled out of court and thoroughly dispose of all the issues involved. Settlement is not limited to the time period prior to filing a lawsuit, but may also take place after the lawsuit has been filed. Filing… Read More »

What Is Strict Liability?

Some accidents happen even when the standard of care required is met. Some activities are just dangerous by their very nature. For example, containment of hazardous waste is an activity likely to be dangerous just by its nature. Certain manufacturing activities are also inherently dangerous, as are events involving firearms. When accidents happen while participating… Read More »

Overlap Of Legal Proceedings

It is uncommon for a legal claim to be clear cut. Most cases are multi-faceted and involve an overlap of several different areas of the law. To adequately prosecute a case you have filed, you need an attorney who understands the crossover and relation of one field of law to another. For example, cases involving… Read More »

Suits For Wrongful Death

No one is ever prepared for the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one. Financial compensation is no substitute for a family member, but holding those responsible for the death accountable helps provide some sense of peace. Attorneys experienced in the delicacy of presenting evidence of facts leading to a death know how to… Read More »

Defective Products

Products placed in the stream of commerce must perform as intended and without causing an injury. The manufacturer, seller, marketer and all parties in the production chain are responsible for making sure products are safe for use. When the necessary precautions are not taken and a product causes an accident, you are entitled to be… Read More »

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is a delicate part of the body that controls many bodily functions. Damage to the spinal cord results in decreased motor skills and coordination. Personal injury attorneys work hard to make sure that, if you are injured, you are given every opportunity to heal and resume normal activities. With spinal cord injuries,… Read More »

Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places. There are usually many people on these sites and many different kinds of potentially dangerous equipment. Accidents can be caused by people, circumstances and machinery. Due to the increased risk of accidents given this level of activity, the duty owed to people visiting or working in construction is great. When… Read More »

Bus Accidents

Public transportation is convenient and can be environmentally friendly. The fewer motorists on the road, the less emissions and chance for accident, right? Not in all cases. Bus accidents happen, and when they do, the injuries are significant. The procedure in place to bring a claim against the City for an accident is complex and… Read More »

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