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Washington Wrongful Death Statutes

Washington has various wrongful death statutes that allow family members to recover compensation when a loved one dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, wrongdoing or liability. Seattle wrongful death attorneys can help you apply the appropriate statute in a wrongful death lawsuit. Chapter 4.20 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) contains most… Read More »

The Latest Motorcycle Research Study on Causation of Accidents

A disproportionately greater number of motorcycle crashes occur every year compared with other types of motor vehicle accidents. As of 2009, motorcycle fatalities had doubled from the 1997 figure. However, by comparison, passenger car and light truck fatalities showed a 27 percent reduction. Even though nationwide, motorcycle deaths represent 11 percent of all motor vehicle… Read More »

A Thirty-year Old Motorcycle Accident Causation Study

Motorcycle accident claims in Seattle, WA are your best recourse when another party is at fault for causing your accident. An important fact to know about in any motorcycle accident case is that most drivers fail to see motorcycles until the moment of impact, or after it is too late to avoid an accident. This… Read More »

Damages You Can Pursue in Personal Injury Cases

People who suffer injury based on someone else’s negligent act or omission understand that the law entitles them to recover damages. Washington laws govern what types of damages you can recover, and Seattle personal injury lawyers can help establish the extent of damages and prove another party’s negligence or liability in a lawsuit. Take the… Read More »

Battling Insurance Companies for Injury Compensation

If you are like most ordinary injury victims, you face the challenge of dealing with an insurance company that does not want to part with its money. Insurance companies are not usually victims’ advocates but, more often, their opponents. Obtaining an experienced Seattle injury law firm can be crucial for protecting your rights and recovering… Read More »

Do I Really Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If your injury and property damages are minor, you probably do not need a personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Insurance companies are not as resistant about paying small claims as they are with larger claims. If you are able to work soon after your injury and have health insurance, you are not likely… Read More »

Legal Clarification of a Severe or Catastrophic Injury

The physical, emotional and financial burdens of a severe or catastrophic injury are debilitating and life-changing. When someone else is at fault, severe injury typically becomes a legal matter. A Seattle severe injury attorney can review all the details surrounding your injury and discuss pursuing compensation for damages. The courts use established laws, such as… Read More »

Spinal Cord Injury Statistics — How Prevalent is SCI?

Spinal cord injury (SCI) occurs in an estimated 40 cases per million people, which means that around 12,000 cases of SCI arise every year. SCI attorneys in Seattle, WA can delve into the underlying factors surrounding an accident and determine whether someone else is liable for an SCI injury. By filing lawsuits against those responsible,… Read More »

Negligence Law in Washington

When Seattle personal injury lawyers work on a case, investigating negligence, identifying whether parties are sources of compensation and gathering proof that negligence occurred is vital for obtaining a favorable outcome. So the question arises, what is negligence and how does negligence law work in Washington? Negligence refers to the failure to exercise a duty… Read More »

Common Types of Head Injuries

The medical field has different classifications for head injuries. Depending on whether someone else was at fault for causing the injury, Seattle head injury attorneys may be able to help you recover compensation for damages. When dealing with a head injury, physicians use a variety of medical terms, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), acquired… Read More »

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