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A Survivors’ Rights after a Fatal Car Crash

Few tragedies affect families more than the loss of a loved one in a fatal car crash. Many families worry about how they can move forward. They are left to cope with conflicting emotions that range from grief and anguish over the victim’s loss to worry and anxiety over the loss of support needed to… Read More »

Tools Car Accident Lawyers Use to Gather Evidence

Discovery — the formal exchange of pertinent information between adverse parties in a lawsuit — is one of the most important phases in personal injury litigation. Evidence that is presented at trial must be disclosed during discovery. The revelation of this evidence is frequently a driving force behind settlement negotiations. As a result, well-conducted discovery… Read More »

Injury Concerns Following a Car Accident

Most people assume that proving the other side was at fault is the most difficult and most important hurdle in a personal injury lawsuit. Actually, even if the other party’s fault is beyond question it may still be a hard fight to get the compensation you deserve. Once defendants realize they cannot win on the… Read More »

Strict Liability in Car Accident Cases

Sometimes accidents happen even when all the parties involved take reasonable care. This is especially true for certain inherently dangerous activities that always carry some risk regardless of how carefully they are performed. So, when something goes wrong and an innocent bystander or motorist is injured, the law holds businesses that engage in these ultra… Read More »

Taking Liability Beyond the At-Fault Driver

Although the driver of the car involved in your accident is most frequently the defendant in auto accident litigation, in cases involving company-owned vehicles, other parties may be liable. Because your ability to recover compensation is often effectively limited by the insurance coverage available, identifying every plausibly liable party is crucial, especially in cases involving… Read More »

The Most Common Car Accident Causes

There are few true accidents in the world. Most car collisions have an identifiable cause — usually the negligence of one of the drivers. For lawyers representing car accident victims in Washington State, understanding the situations where accidents typically occur is crucial to evaluating cases and identifying possible theories of fault. In many cases we… Read More »

How Intoxication Can Affect Fault in a Car Accident

The involvement of an intoxicated driver can have a huge effect on a Seattle car accident case. If a driver was involved in an accident while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, it becomes much more likely for the driver to be found at fault — and therefore liable for any resulting injuries. Determining… Read More »

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