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What Is Negligence?

We are all required to participate in activities in a way that does not cause harm to others. This is true whether the activity is recreational or part of your daily work duties. Being distracted while driving or while involved with other activities is becoming increasingly alluring as technology becomes more mobile and ubiquitous. This… Read More »

What Is A Personal Injury?

Accidents happen every day. People are hurt while driving, walking, visiting the doctor, shopping, working and a variety of other ways. When the injury sustained is the result of someone else’s negligence, you have a claim for compensation for that injury. Some injuries are more severe than others, but all injuries deserve treatment. If you… Read More »

Fighting for Compensation in Drunk Driving Accident Cases

Law enforcement may not always be successful in bringing criminal charges against a drunk driver for an accident. However, any indication of drug or alcohol use while driving points to negligence in a civil case. A lack of criminal conviction does not bar Seattle attorneys from suing for recovery of damages from drunk driving accidents…. Read More »

Bicycle Accident Statistics

Next to pedestrians, bicyclists are the most vulnerable category for injury in traffic accidents. A bicycle offers little protection in an accident. However, as far as fast movement, bike riders have the advantage over pedestrians when dodging an oncoming car. Seattle bicycle accident attorneys work with cyclists to help them protect their rights and receive… Read More »

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

According to statistics, a pedestrian dies in a fatal traffic accident every two hours.  In many instances, the pedestrian is not at fault for the accident.  If you or a loved one suffers injury or a family member dies, pedestrian accident attorneys in Seattle, WA can pursue a lawsuit to hold the liable parties accountable…. Read More »

Teens Are Most at Risk for Auto Accidents

Parents have reason to be concerned when their teenager gets behind the wheel to drive. Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 are the most at risk for car accidents, more than any other age group in the country. When dealing with Seattle auto accidents, an experienced accident lawyer can help protect you and… Read More »

Fatal Car Crash Statistics and Causes

Sudden and unexpected death is devastating for families. Unfortunately, many such deaths occur every year through auto accidents all over the country. Statistics show that in 2009, close to five hundred people lost their lives in fatal motor vehicle accidents in Washington alone. When a fatal accident occurs as a result of another driver’s negligence… Read More »

Seat Belts and Car Crash Statistics in Washington

When seat belt use started becoming mandatory, many people did not understand the extent to which these safety devices could save lives. Some protested that seat belt laws violated their Constitutional rights, and others simply ignored the idea of using seat belts. Today, by law, auto manufacturers must equip all cars with seat belts. Likewise,… Read More »

What Is the Importance of Establishing Fault in an Auto Accident?

Your ability to receive compensation for injury in Seattle auto accidents largely depends on who was at fault in the accident, and to what degree that person was at fault. In many states, injured parties cannot file a lawsuit if they are more than 50 to 51 percent at fault for causing their own injuries. … Read More »

How to Get Compensated After Your Washington State Car Accident

Traffic accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. You may see it just before it happens and not have time to react, or you may not be aware at all you’re about to be involved in a collision. After you have been hit and consulted the police, and filed a claim with your… Read More »

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