Do you have the right motorcycle protective gear?

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Injuries

It’s no secret that motorcyclists have a higher risk of injury and death than other motorists do. While you can’t control how other people drive, you can control what you do to increase your own safety. One step is to wear the right protective gear. Doing so can improve your visibility to other drivers and reduce your chances of severe or fatal injuries. Make sure you have the following high-quality gear for riding.


The most important protective gear is your helmet. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, wearing a helmet makes you more than three times less likely to sustain a brain injury from a crash. Besides protecting your head, helmets also can help your visibility if they are noticeable. For example, helmets with mohawks or reflective tape make you stand out. Make sure the helmet fully covers your face to prevent facial injuries.


A motorcycle jacket is necessary for protection from both injury and the elements. Padding in high-impact areas prevents abrasions and burns from the road if you crash, and reflective tape helps drivers see you at night. Make sure the sleeves are the right length so the padding is in the correct spots on your body. A jacket also keeps you comfortable in windy or sunny conditions and protects you from bugs. The bonus is that motorcycle jackets are fashionable both on and off the bike.

Leather pants or chaps

Leather legwear offers better protection than jeans or other pants. Leather is sturdy and guards against abrasions from the road in the event of a crash. Chaps are lightweight, though you can find ones made for winter weather. No matter what you choose, make sure the fit is right so you don’t have restricted leg movement.


They may seem insignificant, but gloves are more beneficial than you may think. They protect your hands in a fall and provide extra grip, especially on hot days when your palms get sweaty. They also prevent your hands from becoming numb from your bike’s vibrations. It’s important to maintain feeling to operate your motorcycle.

Riding boots

Don’t overlook the safety of using proper footwear. Boots made for bikers protect your feet and lower legs from wounds and give you better traction. You may even be able to get away with sturdy work boots that cover your ankles. Having the right protective gear from head to toe goes a long way in decreasing the quantity and severity of injuries you may receive in a crash, but if you sustained injuries, contact an experienced attorney for more information on your options.


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