Top 3 holiday road safety tips

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Now that winter is just around the bend, you might be planning to travel across Washington to see loved ones for the holidays. While there’s nothing like sharing Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, the drive to and from celebrations can be an especially risky experience.

This season, Washington State Patrol plans to monitor the roads closely and prevent as many hazards as possible. Despite increased supervision, however, crashes often spike across the country over holiday weekends.

Ideally, police will be able to catch every risky driver, but there are also some steps you can take to make sure you’ll be home for the holidays.

  1. Watch for unusual behavior on the road. Look for swerving, texting, speeding and other dangerous activity. Try to avoid driving too near to them by giving your vehicles some distance. Because some drivers may be illegally under the influence of alcohol after a holiday party, it’s more likely that you could encounter these dangers.
  2. Avoid driving when tired. Turkey dinners can easily make anyone ready for a nap. However, if you plan to drive home, be sure to stay alert. Sleepiness can lead to negligent driving. Caffeine can help keep you awake behind the wheel, but so can taking breaks to stretch every so often.
  3. Make a plan in the event of a crash. Keep a phone charger, warm clothing, umbrellas, and roadside assistance information in your vehicle.

The holiday season is a time for celebration, so be careful not to let a traffic accident ruin the mood. During the holidays, if you find yourself in a crash as a result of an intoxicated driver, be sure to seek medical care and contact a motor vehicle attorney.


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