The dangers of not using turn signals when driving

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Car Accidents

Car accidents happen so often on the roads in Issaquah that many people do not give much thought to the causes. Many individuals assume that excessive speeds and alcohol are the likely culprits in motor vehicle collisions. They might not realize how much of a role turn signals play in car accidents. According to, “48 percent of motorists do not use their turn signals when changing lanes.” When you take into consideration distractions and other unsafe driving behaviors, the dangers that everyone on the roads faces increase tremendously. 

The law requires the use of vehicle turn signals to help keep the roadways safe. When drivers use their turn signals, the people behind know which way that driver wants to go and can prepare by adjusting their driving behaviors. Many motorists do not consistently use these signals. Instead, they assume they have enough space to move into other lanes, not thinking about how drivers behind them might react. Consider the following example to better understand the impact of not using turn signals. 

An avoidable circumstance 

You are driving on the highway and you notice your exit is coming up. Though it is not rush hour traffic, the roadways are not void of vehicles. You look in your mirror once, wait a few minutes and start to switch lanes without using your turn signals to alert the drivers behind you of your intentions. Because you did not warn the driver who was immediately behind you before you attempted to switch lanes of your intentions via turn signal, your vehicle smashes into his. The driver of the other car sustains injuries, and you are both awaiting emergency responders and law enforcement. 

The use of turn signals is necessary to prevent car accidents. They serve as a form of communication between vehicles to help make traffic safer and more predictable. It only takes a second for motorists to flick the lever to use their turn signals. Car accidents that occur from the improper and nonuse of turn signals are preventable.


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