Teen driver on marijuana crashed into truck, killing passengers

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There’s no question that fatal car accidents are tragic, but they are especially heart-wrenching when teens and children are involved. The loss of a young life leaves behind the question of what could have been.

Last summer, a Lynnwood crash deprived three teens of their futures. After the driver snuck out and borrowed his mother’s car, he collided with a parked semi-truck, sliding beneath the trailer. One 15-year-old out of the four occupants survived with non-critical injuries. Now that the investigation is complete, more details of the night paint a picture of what contributed to the crash.

The first factor is the driver’s inexperience behind the wheel. He was only 16 years old and had earned his license less than two months prior to the accident. By law, he was not allowed to carry these young passengers for another four months.

To make matters worse, blood testing shows that the driver was under the influence of marijuana. Not only did he break Washington law by operating a vehicle as a minor with any amount of THC in his blood, but the level was also well above the legal limit for adults.

The semi-truck also contributed to the deadly accident; its driver parked it incorrectly. Police explained that the truck was facing oncoming traffic, but it should have faced the opposite direction. This would have allowed the teen’s vehicle to hit the underride guard and might have prevented the deaths.

Although the driver was new to driving, owning a license is a binding legal agreement to follow traffic laws. Disregarding the rules puts the safety of everyone in the vehicle at a terrible risk.

If you have lost a child to an auto accident, you may be able to seek compensation for expenses and emotional anguish. The death of a loved one, especially your own child, is a heartbreaking experience. We are here to help and serve as your attorney during this tragic time.


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