The most common bike accident injuries tend to be severe

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Bicycle Accidents

Drivers do not always respect the safety of bicycle riders. If a driver does not watch for cyclists, fails to give them enough room or misjudges the situation, a crash may be more likely to happen. Sadly, while being inside a vehicle protects drivers, being outside the vehicle endangers cyclists.

The strong force of colliding with a vehicle is enough to send a cyclist flying. Even at relatively slow speeds, they might suffer severe damage. Helmets can only do so much to protect riders from impact.

Brain damage is unfortunately a common result of bike accidents. Depending on the force of the crash, a cyclist may experience a mild to major concussion. If you have head trauma, you might not be able to see the extent of damage in a mirror. However, you will probably feel dizzy, nauseated, sensitive to light or sound, confused, moody or forgetful in the following days. Seizures may happen after serious trauma.

Spine and nerve problems are also a possibility. Because the spine houses nerves that run throughout the body, these injuries are often extremely painful. Spinal cord damage can cause paralysis or loss of feeling in your limbs. This is a very scary sensation for most accident victims. These symptoms may never fully heal.

The most severe collisions can lead to death. These tragic accidents are very difficult for family and friends. Often, fatal crashes involve high speeds. In some cases, the driver may even be intoxicated or distracted. In this case, family members can file a claim on behalf of their loved one to seek justice.

No matter the injury, cyclists should see a doctor immediately following the crash. Even if nothing seems wrong at first, some symptoms and pain might show up later on. Once any immediate medical issues are addressed, cyclists can then discuss their legal options with an attorney.


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