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May 2018 Archives

3 steps parents can take to protect their teenage drivers

Many Seattle-area parents cannot wait for the day their children to become licensed drivers. Excitement often overshadows the concerns parents should about their teens' safety behind the wheel. Driving is not just a rite of passage for teens. It is also a leading reason why so many of them do not reach adulthood. 

Remembering those lost to train accidents

Car accidents may be more common than train accidents, but both can lead to devastating loss. The force of a train accident is frequently fatal. Trains use extremely powerful engines to move heavy freight, which means that they are also difficult to stop in an emergency.

Nervousness doesn't always make driving safer

Whether a driver is new to the road or has decades of experience, they might feel nervous every time they sit behind the wheel. This anxious feeling makes perfect sense; other people can forget that they are operating a machine capable of killing someone.

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