More traffic, stalled infrastructure means tough Issaquah driving

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Congestion is to be expected in major cities around the U.S., but Issaquah certainly has room for improvement. Roads are usually the most dangerous place residents face daily – and a few factors currently in play only raise the chances of trouble.

Avid readers of the Issaquah Times are familiar with the issues at hand. First, Issaquah has seen steady population growth over the last decade. The population has risen so sharply, in fact, that Issaquah is the top growing city in America. Although this fact is a good sign that Issaquah is a highly desirable area, it also leads to more crowding on highways.

Second, Issaquah has its own internal local difficulties; several large-scale infrastructure projects are failing to keep up with this rampant growth. New public transportation, regular road maintenance and pedestrian-friendly additions are all competing for SDOT’s attention and funding. Therefore, in addition to extra traffic, residents face less efficient, more perilous roadways.

The average driver may be able to witness the effects during their commute. High-density traffic may spark more merging or lane-change issues, confusing detours, impatience, road rage and stop-and-go traffic. Some residents will also experience related collisions this summer.

Locals might not be able to contain the growth or transportation problems, but they are able to focus on their own driving. Staying attentive and sober can greatly lower the chance of causing a crash. They can also seek a fair resolution with the help of an attorney if someone else – including the city – causes an accident.


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