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When your pet is hurt in a car crash

Car accidents can leave people with devastating injuries or even claim their lives. However, it is important to remember that these accidents can have other ramifications also. For example, a beloved pet, such as a dog, may be involved in an accident and sustain an injury. This may result in financial burdens such as vet bills or emotional pain due to losing a pet that has been cherished by an entire family for years. As a result, whenever these crashes are caused by another driver's irresponsibility, they should be held accountable for all the suffering they cause.

Safety tips for cyclists and pedestrians

It is far from uncommon to see people on bicycles, walking or running around Seattle and other parts of Washington State. Residents in this part of the country are known to quite active. Whether using a bike or feet to commute to and from work or for pure pleasure and exercise, it is important that safety be kept top of mind, especially when on roads that must be shared with vehicles.

Best practices that can help young lawyers excel

When new lawyers in Washington are first stepping foot into what they hope will be a long-winded and successful career, it is often a time of unsettling confusion. While they may have a clear vision of where they aspire to be, getting there can often be quite the battle. For many, their effort to network with other successful law professionals who can provide mentoring is critical to helping them learn the ins and outs of working under pressure. 

Adding auxiliary lights to your motorcycle enhances safety

Some riders put auxiliary driving lights on their motorcycles simply because they look "cool." However, most riders want them for added safety. The age and electrical capacity of your bike dictate the type of lights you should purchase.

How can you stay safe on your bicycle?

Riding your bicycle around the beautiful scenery of Washington can be a lot of fun and allow you to experience the thrill and relaxation of riding in the open air. However, being on a bicycle and riding near motor vehicles can be quite hazardous and even dangerous if you do not pay attention. While there are general suggestions for riding your bike safely such as wearing a helmet, maintaining your bike and following traffic laws, being aware of some other essential safety suggestions can give you an even higher level of protection. 

Keeping yourself safe when driving near a train

When you need to drive around railroad crossings on a frequent basis, it is important that you use extra caution and vigilance to avoid colliding with a train. At Dean, Standish, Perkins & Associates, we have helped many victims of train accidents in Washington as they work through the often-complicated outcome of being involved in such a serious collision. 

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