Best practices that can help young lawyers excel

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Support For New Lawyers

When new lawyers in Washington are first stepping foot into what they hope will be a long-winded and successful career, it is often a time of unsettling confusion. While they may have a clear vision of where they aspire to be, getting there can often be quite the battle. For many, their effort to network with other successful law professionals who can provide mentoring is critical to helping them learn the ins and outs of working under pressure. 

An intriguing suggestion from Forbes Magazine suggested that new lawyers consider looking into the specialty areas of law and then honing in on a niche where they can highlight their ability to solve certain types of cases. Another critical component of success for young lawyers is their ability to create, maintain and sustain a reputation that has all of the makings of someone who is trustworthy, experienced and capable. 

The American Bar Association suggests that new lawyers pay attention to their appearance which can play a significant role in developing their reputation. Along with their reputation, they should always behave professionally and present themselves with confidence and poise. However, they should avoid pretentious behavior that may come across as exaggerated and cause observers to question their qualifications, accountability and credibility. They can also benefit from familiarizing themselves with the judges who they will be working with. Establishing strong and long-lasting professional relationships are imperative to a young lawyer’s ability to work fluidly with other legal professionals who are an integral part of the process.  


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