Keeping yourself safe when driving near a train

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Train Accidents

When you need to drive around railroad crossings on a frequent basis, it is important that you use extra caution and vigilance to avoid colliding with a train. At Dean, Standish, Perkins & Associates, we have helped many victims of train accidents in Washington as they work through the often-complicated outcome of being involved in such a serious collision.

Because trains are extremely heavy, they are often unable to slow down fast enough to avoid an inevitable collision with a vehicle that is stopped on the tracks. While it is common sense to follow all crossing arm signals, you can benefit from learning about other safe driving practices as well. According to Direct Auto & Life Insurance, you should be alert on all levels when approaching a railroad crossing which includes the following:

  • Listening: Turn down your radio, keep conversation to a minimum and avoid talking on the phone so you can hear an oncoming train.
  • Watching: Look for flashing lights, crossing arms and other signals that indicate that a train is coming.
  • Acting: Slow down when approaching the crossing, allow yourself plenty of space between the tracks and your car, and if you do get stuck on the tracks, get out of your car and in a safe place until you are able to get help removing your vehicle.

Under no condition should you ever stop on the train tracks, even if you do not see a train coming. Staying alert to your surroundings can help you avoid becoming a fatal statistic because of your involvement in a train crash. For more information if you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, visit our web page.


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