Safety tips for cyclists and pedestrians

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Bicycle Accidents

It is far from uncommon to see people on bicycles, walking or running around Issaquah and other parts of Washington State. Residents in this part of the country are known to quite active. Whether using a bike or feet to commute to and from work or for pure pleasure and exercise, it is important that safety be kept top of mind, especially when on roads that must be shared with vehicles.

As explained by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, some of the recommended safety tips for bicyclists are the same as for pedestrians. There are, however, some differences and anyone who rides a bike should be aware of these so they know what to do differently on two wheels versus on two feet.

Both pedestrians and bicyclists should ensure that motorists can see them. This may include some combination of wearing bright or reflective clothing or gear, even during the day. The addition of lights that shine both in the front and the back is also helpful.

Cyclists should always ride with the flow of traffic. Pedestrians can walk either direction when on a sidewalk or a designated walking path but, if neither of these exists and they must walk in the street, the AAA Exchange recommends that they walk against the flow of traffic. Both pedestrians and cyclists should watch for cars that appear to be ready to turn in case the driver does not see them. Opened doors of parked cars is another hazard to be on the lookout for.




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