2 killed in train accident despite conductor’s efforts to stop

by | Nov 24, 2018 | Train Accidents

When a fatal accident happens in Washington, the outcome can always be devastating for the people who knew the victim, but it can be equally as startling and saddening to people who witness the accident. In many cases, people who may witness a fatal accident occur are left with vivid images in their head of what happened and some are unable to overcome their anxiety without a professional’s help.

A tragic accident that happened in Bourne, Massachusetts illustrates this point when what was supposed to be a fun-filled train ride at Christmastime ended abruptly when two people were struck and killed by the train. The Christmas-themed train was providing entertainment for children and their families by advertising itself as the Polar Express on its way to visit “Christmas Town.” Witnesses described hearing a loud rumbling sound as the train’s horn blared shortly before it came to a screeching halt. Investigators later learned that a man and woman who had been walking on the train tracks were struck and killed. 

Many staff members aboard the train tried to explain to the children why the train had stopped by saying that it had run out of magic gas. The small community where both victims were from expressed shock at the fatal accident and confusion as to why the couple was on the tracks despite clear warning signs that walking on the tracks is prohibited. 

If people have been injured in an accident, they may benefit from the help of an attorney. This partnership may enable them to receive guidance and educated assistance as they work to gather evidence that may contribute to helping them get compensation for their injuries. 

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