Common sense and responsibility can prevent road debris

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When people are confronted with the topic of car accidents in Washington, their immediate thoughts may turn to factors like distraction, inclement weather or negligence of some kind. While each of these reasons is undoubtedly causes of certain crashes, another hazard that can set the foundation for a disastrous accident is road debris. 

When people have to transport something between two different places, it is their responsibility to see that they get their load safely from Point A to Point B. While there are many ways of going about securing a load, many people overlook the importance of a rather simple task. As such, they put their life at risk, as well as the lives of people around them when they begin driving on busy roads with a wobbly load. 

According to Allstate Insurance Company, depending on the type of cargo a person is carrying the method they use to secure it should be appropriately selected. For large items like a refrigerator, the item should be secured against the wall of a truck or trailer. Ratchet straps should be tightly fastened on all four sides to keep the load from tipping over during turns. When items are too large to fit entirely in a person’s truck or trailer, a bright orange or red flag should be fastened to the end to warn other motorists of the hazard. For looser items, people should have a security net that can eliminate debris from flying out of the vehicle during travel. suggests a couple of tips to help people in their efforts to adequately secure their loads including keeping lighter cargo as low as possible and avoiding the temptation to overload if multiple trips are needed for transport. Finally, people should always double check that their efforts to fasten their load are appropriate and effective before they begin their journey to their final destination. 


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