Car seat expiration dates are not just a suggestion

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

For many Washington parents, one of their top priorities, when they are traveling places, is to protect their children. Often, they research car seat brands and models. They compare subjects like price, functionality and versatility in making sure their selection will be the best fit for their child. Once installed, many parents make sure their child is safely fastened into his or her car seat before leaving anywhere. 

However, what about expiration dates on child restraints? A controversial topic no doubt, some parents claim that these seemingly phony expiration dates are of little relevance to the safety of their child so long as he or she is properly restrained in their vehicle. Research suggests that these expiration dates are quite important and are put in place to encourage parents to replace child restraints once they have reached that date. The reason is that many car seats are constructed out of plastic which can become brittle over time. If an older, expired car seat is involved in a car accident, it may be much less effective in withstanding an impact. 

Experts suggest that parents heed the expiration dates on their children’s car seats and that if they choose to buy a child restraint secondhand, that they double check that it is still within a usable window. If a car seat is ever involved in a car accident, parents should see that it is replaced right away. 

If people have been involved in a car accident and are seeking compensation for the damages or injuries they have sustained, they may benefit from working with an attorney. Legal professionals may be able to help them work toward establishing their case by accumulating evidence that can be used to support their story.

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