Keeping your bike properly maintained can keep you safer

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents

Riding your bicycle in Washington may be an efficient way for you to commute or even something you enjoy doing leisurely for exercise or relaxation. Whatever your mindset is when you put your helmet on and head out to ride, properly maintaining the components of your bike can help you to stay safer on your adventure. At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, we have helped support victims of bicycle accidents. 

Your bicycle is dependable as long as each component remains in working order. If you have been in an accident or have not performed any regular maintenance on your bike, you may benefit from taking a minute to learn about some of the best tools and resources to invest in so you can keep your bike in optimal condition. 

According to Cycling Weekly, not regularly giving your bike a bit of attention can actually make your bicycle unsafe and put you at a higher risk of getting injured because of faulty components. For example, if your chain is too stretched out, it could snap if you put pressure on your pedals and cause you to crash. Low tire pressure can make it more difficult for you to ride and put unnecessary strain on your body. Experts recommend filling your tires about once a week if you are consistently riding your bike. Some helpful maintenance tools to invest in include the following:

  • A track pump
  • A chain checker
  • A pedal spanner
  • A cleaning brush set

When you do your part to keep your bike well maintained and properly working, as well as adhere to traffic laws and wear safety gear, you can be more confident in your ability to enjoy a safe and fun ride. For more information, if you have been injured in a bicycle accident, visit our web page. 


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