Impact of marijuana-induced driving

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Car Accidents

People are well aware of the dangers of driving after consuming alcohol. However, driving while under the influence of marijuana is just as dangerous. Research has found that marijuana substantially impairs reaction time, motor skills and judgment. Washington police may not be able to detect the presence of marijuana in someone’s system, but cops have other methods of determining whether to place you under arrest. 

Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle needs to have a clear mind. People who smoke marijuana and then drive are much more likely to end up in an accident that results in substantial injuries. Stoned accidents are most likely to happen in Vancouver, Kent and Spokane in Washington, but it would be in everyone’s best interest to be aware of the dangers of driving while high. 

How marijuana affects driving

The reason it is illegal to drive with alcohol in your system is that it significantly impairs various mental faculties. Although marijuana has become more widely accepted, it also impairs certain functions, and people need to be aware of the dangers. It can distort a person’s perception, so the driver believes traffic is further ahead than it actually is. It can also impair problem-solving skills, so if something unexpected occurs in the road, the driver may not be able to react as quickly as he or she normally would. Many people smoke weed and drink alcohol at the same time, which drastically increases the likelihood of ending up in a crash. 

How long marijuana impacts driving

Marijuana can stay in a person’s system for days or even weeks. A number of factors impact this, such as how often a person uses marijuana. People need to be aware of their tolerance levels and how marijuana continues to affect the mind and body. Ultimately, it is best to limit marijuana intake and only drive while completely sober. 


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