Putting community first

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents

At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, we feel that Issaquah would be a better place if we no longer had any work to do. In fact, part of our work as Washington injury lawyers is to attempt to put ourselves out of a job — by making the state as safe as possible.

Often, there are more immediate concerns. Our clients often need compensation for their injuries so they can afford medical bills and recover from their ordeals. However, we always remember that injury law is about more than balancing the scales. It is about making sure communities stay safe and get safer. Specifically, the damages or settlements you receive would also serve as penalties or warnings against those who believe it is acceptable to negligently endanger the lives of other residents. 

If you want to get involved more directly in the effort to make Issaquah safer, there is usually plenty happening around the city. Recent cuts to the safe streets programs have sparked protests, for example. These rallies were particularly notable because of cooperation between the disability activism and biking communities — more evidence that people everywhere want safer roadways.

If attending rallies is not your style, we also find that being aware and active in a community often makes a big difference. Whether you end up notifying your local authorities about unsafe roadways or acting as a witness in an bike accident case, you could be contributing to a safer environment for everybody.

We understand that our clients who suffer injuries want to make sure that these types of tragedies do not happen to anyone else. We believe that community involvement, appropriate legal action and public demonstration all play a part in preserving our fundamental rights to health and happiness. Please read more on our main site.


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