Road construction and bicycle accidents

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists face all sorts of hazards, but the summer months may introduce additional risk factors that can increase the chances of something going wrong on the road. For example, road construction can pose a number of risks to bicyclists as well as drivers and pedestrians. Work zones can be dangerous for many reasons and a number of people have been hurt in accidents occurring in these environments. If you encounter a work zone while riding your bicycle, it is imperative to be particularly cautious.

As a bicyclist, you may have to deal with aggressive, angry drivers from time to time. Regrettably, road construction can make some drivers even more frustrated, which may cause them to speed up or drive erratically while approaching or exiting a work zone. For example, a driver may try to pass other vehicles in front of them after waiting in a work zone for a period of time, and they may endanger the lives of others on the road by doing so.

Some drivers become confused by work zones, whether they drive in the wrong lane or fail to slow down when approaching a work zone. If you were hit by someone who was behaving erratically behind the wheel, whether the accident occurred in a work zone or anywhere else on the road, it is imperative to explore the benefits of legal action, especially if you sustained an injury in the accident. Sadly, many people will sustain injuries in work zone accidents that take place this summer


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