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If Biking to Work Goes Bad

Distracted Driving? This Is an Invitation to Change Our Behavior.

Take a drive with me down Rainier Ave. S., deemed years ago Seattle's "most dangerous street," and you'll see many hazards that, encountered by a distracted driver, could easily turn into a tragedy. In just the past two days I've witnessed so many accidents-waiting-to-happen: two people crossed the street at random places with multiple cars zooming up on them; a U-Haul backed carelessly out of a driveway onto Rainier, thick with two lanes of traffic; two cars stopped suddenly in the middle of the road, causing surprised drivers to swerve to miss them; vehicles didn't go when the light turned green and others were barreling toward them from behind.

It's RV time in the PNW! Tips on Towing Safely.

When Debris on the Road Causes Trouble

We've all been in this situation: heading down I-5 South behind a driver who appears to be a home improvement aficionado, truck piled high with tool after tool. The items are tied down with rope, and it's possible to feel better by assuring yourself that the owner of that truck certainly doesn't want to lose any of his tools, but the truth is, at any point in time, that rake or board or hammer could come unhinged and fly through the air, striking the hood, the windshield, or even, as was similarly the case earlier in July with a driver from Gig Harbor, boring through the windshield and causing bodily harm.

Tips for ensuring your kids get home safely from school

Can you help your child overcome trauma from a car accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be an emotionally traumatic event for anyone regardless of their age. However, if you have been in a motor vehicle crash and your children were in the car with you, you may notice considerable changes in their demeanor and reaction to triggers. Understanding how to provide support and comfort to your children after they have been involved in a car crash in Washington is imperative to your ability to help them recover and overcome their fears. 

Making your bicycle commute a rewarding and safe experience

Commuting to work on your bicycle in Washington can be an excellent way for you to simultaneously enjoy nature, get some exercise and save on valuable resources like money or fuel for your car. At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, we have been able to help victims of bicycle accidents in their efforts to get compensation for their injuries. 

Does your motorcycle helmet have a safety rating?

Riding a motorcycle is not only an efficient and cost-effective way to commute, but it also gives you a unique look at Seattle. As you probably know, though, motorcycle riders are often at increased risk of serious injury or death in a collision. In fact, for every mile you travel, you are 34 times more likely to die in a crash than drivers of cars, trucks or SUVs. 

Families reflect on victims of deadly train accident 10 years ago

Trains are not only large and move at excessive speeds, but they require significantly more time and distance to come to a complete stop than other forms of transportation. While many Washington train operators do their part to observe the regulations and protocols designed to keep them and other people safe, accidents can occasionally happen. 

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