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Teaching children to cross the road safely

When you are with your young children, you simply have them hold your hand to cross the road. That's a great place to begin, but you also need to work with them on road safety so that they know what to do when you're not around. You won't always be there. Prepare them to stay safe when you're not.

Car accident lung injuries can have life-altering consequences

If you have ever lost your breath, you know how scary being unable to breathe can be. After all, it does not take long to lose consciousness without a steady supply of air. Even worse, breathing problems can be incredibly painful. Further, if a lung condition requires you to use medical oxygen, everyday tasks can become increasingly difficult. 

How do you keep teen drivers safe during the holiday season?

As the festive season approaches, typical Washington teens hope to go to lots of holiday parties. Although they are all underage, many of them may still partake in the consumption of alcohol at these events. How can you teach your teen to be responsible during this season of merriment?

The 3 types of distracted driving that lead to accidents

By now, essentially everyone realizes that distracted driving is a recipe for disaster. Still, it remains a major problem on roadways in Seattle and across the Evergreen State. In fact, according to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, 30% of traffic fatalities involve distracted driving. 

A properly fitted helmet is integral to safety while biking

People are reminded all the time of the importance of wearing a helmet if they are riding their bike in Washington. What is interesting to note is that an ill-fitted helmet cannot provide nearly the protection as one that has been carefully selected to fit a person's head and face. 

Tips for preventing distracted driving among teenagers

Learning to drive is much different for today’s Washington teenagers than it was 10 or 20 years ago, because, back then, distractions such as cellphones simply did not exist. At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, we understand that, as driving habits have changed through the years, so, too, have the dangers associated with driving. We also recognize that teaching teen drivers about the dangers of distracted driving early on can help them establish lifelong habits that will enhance their safety behind the wheel.

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