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December 2019 Archives

Train accidents bring sorrow in Washington state

We want everyone in our beautiful state of Washington to be safe this year, so it's time to talk about railroad crossings. There's been a rash of accidents involving train accidents and pedestrians this year. The police say that five people were hit by trains within just three days -- and three of them were killed. That brings the total number of train-related fatalities this year to 19, which is higher than any in the last 20 years.

Financial liability and seeking compensation after a car wreck

People who are involved in a car crash often feel shaken up at the scene. For some, this can mask injuries that they might have. It is imperative that they seek out medical care, so they can find out what they have going on and how they need to address the injuries.

Car crashes cause brain injuries in several different ways

If you have heard of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) resulting from car wrecks, you probably think of crashes where someone strikes their head on the windshield or steering wheel. It is also common for people to call to mind situations in which a person gets thrown out of a vehicle during a crash.

Know the rules for Seattle's bike lanes

Seattle is home to a very nice set of bike lanes. People who use these must ensue that they are following the proper protocol. This helps to keep everyone safe, regardless of how people are getting around. There are special guidelines for bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs and vehicles.

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