Winter weather can increase the danger of car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Car Accidents

In Washington State, there is always the danger of an auto accident. This can be for a variety of reasons including a driver who is reckless, under the influence, distracted or drowsy. In the winter, a new layer of risk is added with snow and ice. Understanding the frequency of weather-related accidents is one step in avoiding them. Unfortunately, not all accidents can be avoided and crashes can occur. After the collision, injuries and fatalities can result. Knowing how to pursue compensation through a legal filing can be critical.

Statistically, during the winter, there are approximately 156,000 auto accidents. In those crashes, an estimated 1,300 people will be killed and 76,000 will suffer injuries. Drivers are advised to drive defensively to avoid a crash. Still, there are common ways in which accidents happen and knowing what to look for is imperative to avoid the crash or for the investigation and legal filing after it has happened.

Spin outs happens on slick roads. In some cases, the ice is not even visible – this is known as black ice. A driver can be moving along and another car will spin into the vehicle’s path. Steering is nearly impossible and drivers are told to steer toward the direction they are spinning. Some drivers will panic and make matters worse.

Snow and ice can cause a vehicle to skid and hit the car in front. This is otherwise known as a rear-end collision and is exceedingly dangerous. Being hit from behind can cause back injuries and neck injuries. Victims could be paralyzed, have brain trauma and more. Drivers are told to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them whenever they are driving. If it is inclement weather, two to three car lengths can improve safety. Finally, bad weather can cause drivers to drift into separate lanes. This is especially common if it is snowing or foggy. Seeing can be hard in these conditions. Watching for vehicles that are drifting is a technique to avoid them. It can, however, happen without warning.

Even during bad weather or the cold winter months, people often underestimate the dangers on the road. Car accidents can lead to severe injuries and death. People will need extensive medical care, be unable to work and might never return to full health. A legal filing can assist in all aspects of a crash including how it happened, who is responsible and investigating its circumstances. It can also be useful to receive compensation. A law firm experienced in winter-related car accidents may be able to help.


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