How do TBIs affect an injured bicyclist?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Injuries

Washington bicyclists often wear helmets to protect them from head injuries. Unfortunately, when a bicyclist goes up against a vehicle, it is still a losing situation. It is true that helmets help cut down on head injuries. But it is not impossible for a bicyclist to suffer from one even if they wore a helmet. Today we will look at some of the impacts these head injuries have on victims. 

The impact of head injuries 

In specific, we will focus on traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These injuries have profound impacts on the lives of victims who suffer from them. Many victims suffer from memory loss. It can impact both the short term and long term memory. For some, these issues are mild. Therapy helps victims recover. For others, the memory loss is severe. It interferes with daily life. It interferes with their ability to live or work independently. 

Mental side effects of TBIs 

Many victims find themselves suffering from changes in mood or personality. Victims become more likely to lash out at loved ones in some cases. They are often prone to anger. They may feel irritation or agitation more easily. 

Mood disorders also worsen or have sudden onsets. For example, it affects many TBI victims with pre-existing depression or anxiety. Other victims may experience new issues like post traumatic stress disorder. 

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