Managing the financial aspects of a serious injury

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Injuries

Car crashes and bike accidents cause numerous serious injuries to Washington residents and tourists every year. Unfortunately, injured individuals often have to deal with severe financial strain along with the physical and mental consequences of their injuries. 

For many injured people, the financial struggles after an accident start with high medical bills. However, when there are life-changing injuries, such as those creating a permanent physical disability, the financial challenges may continue long after an individual pays all the hospital bills. 

Essential home modifications are often costly 

The type and extent of necessary home modifications often depend on the details of an individual’s injury and disability. However, Forbes points out that there are many smart home technologies and devices that may significantly improve a disabled person’s qualify of life. Many start home features include automation or centralized control of a home’s lights, climate and security systems. These features may make it much easier for a person with a physical disability to remain independent within his or her home. However, Forbes states that smart home technology is often prohibitively expensive, which means that individuals may need to seek financial assistance in order to incorporate this technology into their homes. 

Federal and state agencies offer financial assistance 

While improving a home to make it more comfortable and accessible for a person with disabilities may be expensive, there are numerous sources of financial assistance. According to, there are housing resources available on the local, state and federal levels that may help people afford the home modifications they need. A person with disabilities may be able to get a voucher qualifying him or her to live in certain accessible housing developments. There are also rental assistance programs and other affordable housing options that may be available to people living with the consequences of a serious injury. 


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