Causes for pedestrian accidents

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A bicyclist or pedestrian has little to no defenses if a motor vehicle strikes them. The consequences of such an accident can be devastating. When lives are on the line in pedestrian accidents, knowing the causes may save a life.

The injuries from a pedestrian accident can range from a few scratches to wrongful death. It is no secret how disastrous these accidents can be, so why do pedestrians die nearly every two hours?

The causes of these accidents

Among all the causes that lead to an accident involving a pedestrian, there are several that are more frequent than the rest:

  • Reckless driving: speeding and distracted driving both reduce the safety of the driver and their surroundings. With distractions like phones, GPSs, passengers, food and makeup, many things can take a driver’s eyes off the road long enough to strike someone crossing the street.
  • Drunk driving: it is no secret how dangerous even driving buzzed can be. A drunk driver may not even know that they hit someone, depending on their intoxication levels.
  • Blind spots: each vehicle comes with its blind spots. While these may not be an issue for seeing other vehicles, a person can vanish entirely in them.
  • Bad weather: snow, sleet, and hail can cause people to disappear from a driver’s eyes. When a driver does not take the proper precautions in this kind of weather, someone walking home may never make it.
  • Negligence: a driver may take certain actions for granted. Things, like pulling out of a parking spot or taking a left turn, may come with a surprise hitting someone with their car. The driver always needs to be aware of their surroundings, even in their driveway.

These are only a few examples of why a driver may accidentally strike someone walking on the street near them.

These causes can be avoided

When a driver maintains their full attention on the road and their surroundings while practicing safe driving habits, they are much more likely to save a life. There are many causes for pedestrian accidents and they can all be avoided.


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