Factors leading to motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

With spring weather in full force, residents in Washington state are finding more and more reasons to spend their time outdoors. For diehard motorcyclist and enthusiasts, this means traveling more miles on their bikes. Whether it is used as a daily vehicle or for touring rides, motorcycles are considered a fairly effective way to get around. However, there are some setbacks.

Unlike passenger vehicles, motorcycles are not equipped with a wide range of safety features. In most cases, a rider is reliant on their helmet and protective clothing to guard them from injuries in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, these safety features do not always prevent serious and even fatal injuries.

There are two major factors that lead to accidents on motorcycles. The first is the fact that they are not very crashworthy when compared to four-wheel vehicles. This means, in the event of a crash, there aren’t safety features similar to other vehicles to prevent injuries and even death. For example, passenger vehicles have seatbelts, airbags and a metal shell surrounding them designed to absorb the impact of a crash.

The second is the small size of the vehicle. Far too often crashes occur because a motorist or even a pedestrian did not see the motorcyclist. A motorcyclist is less visible when compared to other vehicles. This means that it is harder for other motorists to spot them traveling next to them or gauge the speed of an oncoming motorcycle. Campaigns focus on this factor, often reminding motorists to double check or even triple check for motorcyclists before making a maneuver or lane change on the roadways.

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most tragic crashes, as they have the tendency of resulting in traumatic injuries or even death. Victims of a motorcycle crash are often unable to return to their normal life but instead are focused on navigating the medical bills, physical impairments and other damages that have resulted because of the accident. All this can get very overwhelming, which is why it is important that victims consider their rights and options. A personal injury action is a possible step, and it could help a victim hold the party at fault accountable for the accident and the damages that resulted.


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