New treatment could help with the recovery of a brain injury

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Injuries

An accident could significantly impact a victim’s life. Whether it is a workplace accident, automobile collision, medical malpractice incident or any other personal injury matter, when an individual suffers a serious injury, it could completely take over the victim’s life. Medical treatments, surgery, rehabilitation, accommodations and changes to one’s quality of life could all be controlled by the serious injury suffered in an accident.

Not many injuries are more severe than a head or spine injury; thus, medical professionals focus on limiting the severity of these injuries as well as treatment options that could help healed the injured. One such concern following a brain or spinal injury is swelling. Based on current reports, medical professionals may have uncovered a new treatment that could help to dramatically reduce swelling after a brain or spinal cord injury.

Treatments following a brain or spinal cord injury come with many risks, as there aren’t many options that do not require a patient to be in an induced coma or undergo surgery risky surgery while they are conscious. The newly researched treatment could help patients avoid both risky treatment options, as it includes the usage of an already licensed anti-psychotic medicine.

This medication is used to alter the behavior of the aquaporins, which are the tiny water channel pores in cells. This treatment works by offsetting a cell’s normal reaction when there is a loss of oxygen in the central nervous system due to a trauma to the brain or spinal cord. Normally, these conditions cause the cells to build up with ions, causing a rush of water into the cells through the acquaporins. This in turn causes the cells to swell and exert pressure on the skull and spine.

Because swelling and the building up of pressure could damage the brain and spinal cord tissue, getting it under control is imperative. Thus, no matter the treatment route a brain injury victim decides, it is likely that much medical treatment will be necessary to recover from such a serious injury. This can be both costly and life altering, making it important that accident victims consider their options.

A personal injury action is a possible step a victim could take after an accident. It not only seeks to understand cause and liability, but it also helps a victim assess the harms and losses suffered so compensation could be awarded for the damages suffered.


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