The Dutch reach might help prevent bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents remain an all too common occurrence. In fact, 2018 alone saw more than 800 bicyclist fatalities, and thousands of others were injured in bicycle crashes. The most devastating bicycle accidents are those that involve cars and trucks, such as when a motorist turns left into the path of an oncoming bicyclist. While the injuries suffered in these accidents can be devastating, they are not the only kind of bicycle accident that can leave individuals with serious harm.

Dooring accidents

Dooring is another common occurrence that often goes unnoticed except by those who are affected by these incidences. Dooring occurs when a motorist opens a car door as a bicyclist approaches, causing the bicyclist to slam into the door. In many cases, the bicyclist is launched from his or her bike and land hard on the pavement, thereby resulting in serious injuries. These types of accidents occur simply because motorists fail to check their mirrors and look behind them before exiting their vehicles.

The Dutch reach may help

There are ways that motorists can try to prevent bicycle accidents, though, such as by utilizing the Dutch reach. This technique, which is utilized heavily in many other countries, requires a driver to open their door from the outside by using their inside hand. This forces the driver to turn so that they can more easily see if there is a bicyclist headed their way. The Dutch reach can therefore significantly reduce the likelihood of a serious bicycle accident.

Of course, the Dutch reach doesn’t mean much for bicyclists who have already been injured in an accident. But showing that a motorist failed to take the precautions necessary to prevent a bicycle accident could be helpful in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. By doing so, a bicycle accident victim may be better suited to recover the damages he or she needs.


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