Tips for highway driving safety

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Most drivers in Washington understand the importance of staying safe on state highways. Each highway presents challenges to drivers that sometimes lead to motor vehicle accidents. Drivers who take the time brush up on a few highway driving safety tips are less likely to experience an accident on the road.

Control speed

The legal driving speed can vary from one highway to another. You should make sure to drive no faster than the posted speed limit for the road on which you travel. Drivers who adjust their speed to accommodate inclement weather are also more likely to avoid a car accident.

Remember to keep a safe distance

Tailgating another car is a risky habit that will likely cause the other driver to become angry. A quick stop from the tailgated driver is all that is needed to cause an accident. A good rule of thumb is to leave enough distance between the two cars to allow for three seconds of travel to avoid a collision.

Travel in the right lane

Most drivers recognize the left lane as the passing lane. Drivers who are not actively attempting to pass the car in front of them should travel in the right lane. This rule is enforceable by law on some highways.

Ensure visibility

Drivers must possess a good view of the road they are traveling when positioning themselves behind the wheel of a car. It is equally important for drivers to ensure that their vehicle is visible to the motorists sharing the road with them. Headlights are necessary once the sun goes down or during inclement weather.

Stay alert

Safe drivers avoid distractions from things like cellphones, food or drinks. Drivers should also not allow passengers in the car to distract them to the point of danger. Those who give anything less than their full attention to the road in front of them increase their chances of becoming an accident statistic.

A momentary lapse in judgment on the road can result in drastic consequences. Individuals involved in an accident may be able to increase their chances of compensation by consulting with a personal injury attorney.


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