After injuries in a train accident, carrier liability may apply

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You took a train trip for a weekend getaway. On your way back home, the train was involved in a collision. As a result, you suffered serious injuries and your life may never return to what it was after the accident.

Returning to work may be out of the question. The severity of your injury makes it too difficult. You take part in physical therapy two days of the week. Your doctor may have told you that returning to an office job may not be possible.

What you may have lost may change your life

Now that you can’t work, you are unable to earn a salary. While your family may be helping you, they may not be able to do so long-term.

You may find out from a news report that the accident may have been caused by the train company’s negligence. As you begin to listen to more news reports, you may also learn just what caused the train accident.

Passenger trains are common carriers

Along with taxis, buses, commercial planes and cruise ships, trains are considered to be common carriers.  A “common carrier” is a company that transports either goods or people from one place to their destination. In the event of an accident, a train company, such as the one that you rode, may be liable for your injuries.

Liability of a common carrier after an accident

Regulatory bodies establish safety standards. If you were not warned about a dangerous situation, a civil court may be able to hold the carrier liable. You should offer evidence to the court. If the judge and jury believe you, you may win damages.

Learning more information about carrier negligence can help you to gain damages after your accident.


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