What 2 holidays rank as the most dangerous days for pedestrians?

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Holidays are typically times of family gatherings and celebrations. Unfortunately, for some people, the holidays are the anniversary of a tragedy. Certain dangerous behaviors have a strong correlation with holidays, which can lead to a tragic incident that dims the joy people experience every year after that.

Alcohol consumption at celebrations, for example, can lead to drunk driving crashes. Staying out late at parties and family gatherings can lead to drowsy driving, which also has a strong correlation with crashes.

Unfortunately, celebrations lead to a lot of social costs, even if you try to be responsible about your own behavior. In fact, two popular holidays share the ignoble title of being the most dangerous days of the year for pedestrians.

Halloween may be fun for kids, but they are also in increased danger

Some kids spend the entire fall looking forward to Halloween. Trick-or-treating is exciting, especially when they have enough freedom to do it without a parent walking directly next to them.

Unfortunately, trick-or-treating is the primary reason why Halloween is statistically the most dangerous day of the year for pedestrians under the age of 18. Children running across the street without looking and while wearing dark costumes can make it difficult for drivers to avoid them. More underage pedestrians die every year on Halloween than on any other day of the year.

New Year’s Day is a dangerous day for adult pedestrians

Just like Halloween is a dangerous day for Halloween children, so is New Year’s Day a risky time for adults to go out for a walk because it is the day that often sees the highest number of adult pedestrian deaths.

New Year’s Eve is a holiday with a strong association with alcohol consumption, and pedestrians walking home after a New Year’s party may be at particularly high risk of a fatal collision. Alcohol consumption by either a driver or a pedestrian can contribute to crash risk. It’s worth noting that New Year’s Day is also one of the most dangerous days to be on the road as a driver because of how many fatal crashes occur.

Understanding when the risk is highest for pedestrian crashes could help you potentially avoid one or better protect your children.


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