The cost of living with a spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Injuries

A spinal cord injury is sometimes a life-changing event. When a person has limited abilities or paralysis after the injury, they might find that they’re facing changes that are costly to handle. This can make it challenging for them to live the life they deserve. 

There are many considerations that a person who has this type of injury needs to think about. All of these can have an impact on their finances, so they should be dealt with as quickly as possible. 

Loss or reduction of income

You might not be able to work like you did before you were injured. This means that you’ll have a reduction in income. Even if you qualify for disability payments, those will likely be less than what you earned before your injury. 

High medical care costs

Medical care costs for a spinal cord injury can add up quickly. You’ll have expenses for normal medical care, but you may also have additional expenses due to the need for therapy, prescriptions, and medical equipment. These expenses can make it hard to cover your normal bills.

Unexpected living expenses

There are some expenses that you probably aren’t prepared for. This includes things like modifications to your home to address your new needs. You may need a new vehicle and a motorized wheelchair. All of this comes at a considerable cost. 

Anyone who suffered a spinal cord injury due to the negligence of another party should ensure they’re getting the medical care they need. One option they might exercise is seeking compensation from the party who caused their injuries through negligence or recklessness. This can include medical care costs, but it also extends to other financial losses, such as missed wages and ongoing care expenses. 


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