What help is available for injured pedestrians in Washington?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians in Washington are sometimes compelled to travel in close proximity to motor vehicles. Joggers in rural settings may run right on the road, and people in parking lots never know when someone might back up into them. Even those who stick to sidewalks and designated trails may occasionally need to cross the street, at which point they will have exposure to oncoming motor vehicles and the risks that they generate.

Pedestrians can reduce their personal risk by paying close attention to oncoming traffic whenever they are in the road or in a parking lot, as many of the worst pedestrian collisions occur in parking lots rather than on the open road. It can also be useful for pedestrians to know about the protections available to cover their costs after a crash.

There should be multiple types of insurance available

The good news for those involved in a pedestrian crash in Washington is that motor vehicle insurance will likely be available to help with some of their expenses. The other motorist decides how much bodily injury liability coverage they carry, but the state requires a minimum of $25,000.

If the pedestrian has a driver’s license and a registered vehicle, then they also may have an insurance policy of their own that could potentially help them after a traffic incident. Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage can sometimes help cover crash-related expenses even in a scenario where someone is obviously not the driver at fault. PIP is a no-fault form of coverage that can reimburse at least some of the medical costs created in a pedestrian injury scenario, but not everyone invests in PIP coverage.

Some pedestrians have to go to court

Pedestrian collision cases could very well end up in civil court, in no small part because basic insurance coverage is often not enough for the significant personal injury possible in such wrecks. If someone broke the law or did something that seems obviously negligent that caused a pedestrian crash, the individual affected by the collision could potentially pursue a civil lawsuit for any significant financial losses not covered by insurance.

Pedestrians who have been injured by irresponsible motorists could seek full coverage of their medical costs and also reimbursement for any income lost due to their injuries. Seeking legal guidance and holding motorists accountable after pedestrian crashes may help those affected move on with their lives more efficiently and effectively than they would have been able to, had they been required to shoulder the financial burdens associated with their harm.


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