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Winter motorcycle riding requires special considerations

Even though the colder months of the year are here, some motorcycle enthusiasts are going to still head out on their bikes. They must take steps to remain as safe as they can while they ride. Unfortunately, some drivers might mistakenly think that no motorcyclists are going to be out on the roads when it is cold or when there is a wintry precipitation. That line of thought could be devastating for a biker who is trying to enjoy a ride regardless of the weather.

Is lane-splitting allowed in Washington?

Part of the thrill that comes with riding your motorcycle in and around Seattle is the freedom that it provides. Traditional vehicles can often seem to restricting given the limitations that their size imposes. You, on the other hand, have the freedom to negotiate traffic in in a much easier manner. Yet exactly how far does that freedom extend? the topic of lane-splitting is often a controversial one. While the distance separating two vehicles traveling in adjacent lanes may offer you ample room to pass between them, what does the law say about it? 

Driver fatigue and motorcycle collisions

Motorcycle accidents have many causes, whether they happen because someone driving a passenger vehicle was ignoring the speed limit or a motorcyclist was struggling to operate their motorcycle properly due to inexperience. Fatigue plays a major role in traffic collisions, and the consequences of driver fatigue can be especially dangerous when it comes to motorcycle wrecks. Drivers who are tired may have difficulty noticing motorcyclists and they may collide with them after veering into oncoming traffic or failing to switch lanes properly. Sadly, this has led to the loss of many lives, and countless injuries.

Allergy season and the risk of a motorcycle crash

Riding a motorcycle can present many dangers during any time of the year, whether a motorcyclist encounters ice on the road during the colder months or congested traffic during a summer festival or popular event. However, many motorcyclists struggle with seasonal allergies during the spring, and these symptoms can make an accident more probable for a variety of reasons. If you struggle with allergies, it may be necessary to avoid riding your motorcycle until your symptoms improve.

What can you do to prevent motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents, like the majority of car accidents, are preventable with awareness, vigilance, and proper precautions. Whether you ride a motorcycle in Washington or you simply want to do your part to protect two-wheeled motorists on the road, there are a few simple things you can change about the way you drive and operate to protect yourself and others on the road. StateFarm shares with you just a few of them.

Common deadly threats for motorcyclists

Taking your motorcycle out for a spin can be fun and convenient, but it comes with some dangers. There are a lot of unique threats to the health and safety of motorcyclists. Motorcycles make up only 4 percent of all vehicles in Washington state but account for 14 percent of traffic fatalities

Keeping passengers safe on your motorcycle

When you take people out on your motorcycle to explore the beautiful scenery of Washington, you have the responsibility to protect them by driving safely, observing the rules of the road and taking precautions to make sure that you are not distracted while you are driving. At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, we have helped many people who have been the victims of an unfortunate motorcycle accident. 

New technology is helping motorcyclists enjoy a safer ride

Motorcycle sales in the U.S. have increased dramatically: as much as 90 percent since 1991. However, more motorcycles on the road mean more concerns for rider safety. Car and truck drivers are often the negligent parties in vehicle-motorcycle collisions. Since motorcyclists are more vulnerable than drivers in cars or trucks, they usually suffer more serious results such as broken bones or head and chest injuries if involved in a crash.

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