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Safety tips for bicyclists and pedestrians

Washington State is a great place for people who enjoy being active outdoors or for utilizing bicycles as a means of transportation to and from work, school or other locations. However, it is important for anyone on a bike or on foot to always be aware of the potential risks around them so they can remain safe.

Safety tips for cyclists and pedestrians

It is far from uncommon to see people on bicycles, walking or running around Seattle and other parts of Washington State. Residents in this part of the country are known to quite active. Whether using a bike or feet to commute to and from work or for pure pleasure and exercise, it is important that safety be kept top of mind, especially when on roads that must be shared with vehicles.

How can you stay safe on your bicycle?

Riding your bicycle around the beautiful scenery of Washington can be a lot of fun and allow you to experience the thrill and relaxation of riding in the open air. However, being on a bicycle and riding near motor vehicles can be quite hazardous and even dangerous if you do not pay attention. While there are general suggestions for riding your bike safely such as wearing a helmet, maintaining your bike and following traffic laws, being aware of some other essential safety suggestions can give you an even higher level of protection. 

Bike lanes: Why and how to use them

You may have noticed that bike lanes are becoming more and more common in Seattle. These changes to the road actually have a variety of benefits to both bikers and drivers, but what are they? How should people operate on the road with these protected lanes?

The most common bike accident injuries tend to be severe

Drivers do not always respect the safety of bicycle riders. If a driver does not watch for cyclists, fails to give them enough room or misjudges the situation, a crash may be more likely to happen. Sadly, while being inside a vehicle protects drivers, being outside the vehicle endangers cyclists.

Get ready for spring bicycling with these tips

Seattle weather is just beginning to feel like spring. March has arrived and many Washington residents are starting to resume outdoor activities. While many commuters rely on their bike year-round, bicycling increases quite a bit once temperatures rise.

New technology for cyclists could be a breakthrough

Washington offers lush opportunities for cyclists, whether you're getting from point A to point B in downtown Seattle or looking for a scenic route along Elliott Bay Trail. Sadly, cyclists also have to be aware of the many dangers around them, particularly motor vehicles.

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