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The best personal injury attorneys in Seattle have the experience, reputation and dedication necessary to help each of their clients obtain the maximum available compensation for their injuries. They know how to value claims and identify responsible parties, and they are willing to earn their contingency fees by providing savvy and thorough representation in settlement negotiations with insurance companies. When necessary, they do not hesitate to take their clients' cases to trial, and they have a successful trial record to prove it.

This is what you get with the Law Offices of Dean Standish Perkins & Associates. With almost 30 years of service and thousands of successful cases they are proud to call their own, our Seattle automobile accident injury attorneys are the best choice to represent you in your auto accident or other personal injury claim.

Our Firm Is Customer-Centric

We are dedicated to going the extra mile from start to finish in our personal injury cases. Whether that means setting up meetings on weekends or during evening hours, or meeting at a location convenient to our customers, we will do it. We can schedule home or hospital visits based on the needs of our clients.

Accessibility And Communication

We understand that individuals can be intimidated by the legal process. In fact, many people shy away from pursuing financial compensation even when they are entitled to it. Our entire team is ready, willing and available to answer questions at any stage throughout your legal process.

We Remain Current With Legal Trends

Not only do we continue to research and investigate changing trends, but we are often asked to provide direction to other attorneys in these matters as well. Whether it is speaking at legal conventions or teaching CLE courses, we are proud to be a trusted legal resource in Seattle and throughout the nation.

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Our lawyers focus on car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. We have logged thousands of miles each year in client service. When experience matters, seek the aid and guidance of a skilled attorney at the Law Offices of Dean Standish Perkins & Associates. We can be reached by phone to schedule an appointment, or by simply completing our email form.