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Train accidents bring sorrow in Washington state

We want everyone in our beautiful state of Washington to be safe this year, so it's time to talk about railroad crossings. There's been a rash of accidents involving train accidents and pedestrians this year. The police say that five people were hit by trains within just three days -- and three of them were killed. That brings the total number of train-related fatalities this year to 19, which is higher than any in the last 20 years.

Some of those deaths were preventable. In at least one case, a 20-year-old restaurant worker was on a break when he was hit. He apparently had his hoodie raised and was wearing earbuds as he crossed the tracks -- so he neither heard nor saw the train coming.

Financial liability and seeking compensation after a car wreck

People who are involved in a car crash often feel shaken up at the scene. For some, this can mask injuries that they might have. It is imperative that they seek out medical care, so they can find out what they have going on and how they need to address the injuries.

Unfortunately, the costs of being involved in a serious accident can add up quickly. If you are in the position, there really isn't any reason why you should have to go broke just to pay those bills. You do have an option if the other driver's negligence lead to the crash.

Car crashes cause brain injuries in several different ways

If you have heard of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) resulting from car wrecks, you probably think of crashes where someone strikes their head on the windshield or steering wheel. It is also common for people to call to mind situations in which a person gets thrown out of a vehicle during a crash.

While there is no question that blunt force trauma to the head does cause brain injuries, that form of trauma is not the only potential cause of a life-altering TBI during or after a car crash.

Know the rules for Seattle's bike lanes

Seattle is home to a very nice set of bike lanes. People who use these must ensue that they are following the proper protocol. This helps to keep everyone safe, regardless of how people are getting around. There are special guidelines for bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs and vehicles.

Some of the Seattle bike lanes are part of Vision Zero, which is a plan the city has to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities due to traffic incidents. The goal date is 2030, so the goal is rather lofty. Many of the bike lanes in the city are protected lanes, which means that they have a barrier between the bike lane and the vehicles.

Winter motorcycle riding requires special considerations

Even though the colder months of the year are here, some motorcycle enthusiasts are going to still head out on their bikes. They must take steps to remain as safe as they can while they ride. Unfortunately, some drivers might mistakenly think that no motorcyclists are going to be out on the roads when it is cold or when there is a wintry precipitation. That line of thought could be devastating for a biker who is trying to enjoy a ride regardless of the weather.

One of the most important things to remember is that you are probably going to feel a lot colder than the actual temperature. You have to think about how the speed of the ride will drop the temperature. With this in mind, it is always best to have on layers so that you can take one off if you realize you are too warm. This is a better alternative than not having enough to keep you protected.

Prepare for driving in Washington's wintry weather

Winter driving safety is something that everyone in Washington should be familiar with. There are several things that you should remember before you head out during wintry precipitation. Brushing up on them early in the season can be beneficial since it helps you to remain safe.

One of the first things that you should do if you are driving in the winter is check the road conditions before you leave home. This is especially important if you have to drive on one of the passes, such as the Snoqualmie Pass. Knowing the road conditions, and whether your route is open or not, gives you a chance to make adjustments as necessary.

Pay attention to railroad crossing warning devices

Trains provide a valuable service across this country. Whether they are transporting people or goods, these trains provide a quick way from one point to another. These are large, heavy vehicles that are often pulling very heavy loads. Because of this, they deserve respect when people are going to cross the tracks.

Railroad crossings sometimes have crossarms and lights to signal drivers that a train is coming. You shouldn't ever try to cross the tracks if these are warning you that it isn't safe. You can be struck by a train quickly because some of them travel fast. You might feel as though you do need to rush and cross the tracks quickly, but it is best to refrain from it if the lights are on and the arms are down so that you can remain safe.

Dean "Stan" Perkins named as one of Washington's "10 Best"

There are many excellent attorneys throughout the United States. In virtually every town, you can find legal counsel for drafting a will, defending your driving privileges or helping you recover damages after an accident.

Sometimes clients rate their lawyer based on which law school he or she attended, how much of a settlement they recovered or whether they offered a free initial consultation. However, organizations such as the American Institute Of Personal Injury Attorneys (AIOPIA) commend attorneys for excellence conveyed in their client interactions.

Prepare for winter bicycle riding in the Seattle area

The cold winter months are here, but some Seattle residents are still going to brave the wintry precipitation and frigid temperatures to enjoy time on their bike. Before you head out on a ride, you have to ensure that you've taken proper steps to stay safe.

One of the most serious concerns during the winter months is frostbite. This can happen quickly when the temperatures dip. Remember that the temperatures you experience when you ride will be colder than when you stand still because of the windchill.

How walkers and joggers can increase nighttime visibility

If, like many Seattle residents, you are an avid walker or jogger, your busy schedule may cause you to be out and about after dark.

Naturally, you are vulnerable to a vehicle-pedestrian collision. Wearing reflective gear and lights will make you more visible to cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles.

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