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The safety of train travel may extend to rail car design

Traveling by train is usually a safe experience, one that many people enjoy. However, accidents happen, and a train wreck can be a disaster for riders.

Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board conducted a hearing regarding Amtrak safety and the December 2017 train crash in DuPont, Washington. The focus was on the rail cars and crash-protection standards.

How safe driving saves money

Owning a car is expensive. Aside from financing the vehicle itself, drivers also pay for maintenance, gas, insurance and the occasional repair. Because a vehicle is often the next biggest expense after housing, it makes sense that drivers don’t want to spend more than necessary.

While many of these costs are inevitable, there is still a margin of savings for Washington residents who make safety a priority. Simple behaviors can make a big difference for parents, recent graduates, those who are in debt or just those who can find a better use for their hard-earned income.

Top ways to avoid distractions while driving

A moment's distraction can cause disaster if it happens at the wrong time - for example, while you are behind the wheel. Federal and state agencies continue to stress the importance of maintaining focus throughout every second of our drive.

While sometimes distractions can arise unpredictably, you can reduce your risks by addressing potential major sources before you get on the road.

Without a witness, can you prove someone else is at fault?

When the crash happened, nobody else was around. Perhaps it was late at night or on a rural road. The other driver blames you for the accident, but you believe it may have been their poor decisions that led to the crash in the first place. What are you to do now?

Although the whole situation seems like it will become a “he said, she said” argument, a claim isn’t solely reliant on their word against yours. Witnesses aren’t the only way that courts can figure out the true story. In fact, witnesses don’t always remember the details correctly anyway.

How to prepare for a summer road trip

Traveling by car is one of the best ways to explore the United States. Whether the next trip is a quick weekend jaunt or a week-long adventure, many Washington residents already have plans to escape the mundane landscape of daily life for something new.

Road trips might be one of the simplest ways to take a vacation, but it’s not without risk. Drivers need to make sure the vehicle is in top condition to carry them to their destination and back. Nothing ruins a road trip faster than being stranded in the middle of a vacant highway.

Why are roads worse for cyclists than five years ago?

The appeal of living in an urban area is often the ability to have everything within walking or cycling distance. Residents can save money and time by avoiding long commutes as well as keep active.

Residents might expect roads and sidewalks to become safer every year, but this has not been the case according to a new Washington State Department of Transportation report. The data states that since 2013, pedestrian and cyclist fatalities doubled while their cases of critical injuries rose sharply.

Safety tips for sharing the road with large trucks

Many drivers find it intimidating to drive in proximity to commercial trucks. While large trucks can certainly present some specific risks, you can decrease the chances of getting into a crash by taking some simple steps.

Unfortunately, you only control your own driving behavior; your safe practices will not stop a truck driver from acting negligently and causing a crash. If you do end up sustaining injuries in a truck accident, speaking with a lawyer can tell you more about your options for legal recourse.

More traffic, stalled infrastructure means tough Seattle driving

Congestion is to be expected in major cities around the U.S., but Seattle certainly has room for improvement. Roads are usually the most dangerous place residents face daily – and a few factors currently in play only raise the chances of trouble.

Avid readers of the Seattle Times are familiar with the issues at hand. First, Seattle has seen steady population growth over the last decade. The population has risen so sharply, in fact, that Seattle is the top growing city in America. Although this fact is a good sign that Seattle is a highly desirable area, it also leads to more crowding on highways.

Risk factors for rollover crashes

Rollovers are often said to be the most dangerous type of accident. Centrifugal force, the vehicle’s weight and other circumstances can create an extremely hazardous situation for passengers. In many cases, rollovers cause severe trauma or death.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reports that some factors that lead to rollovers are in a driver’s control, but others are not. Out of fatal rollover crashes, 85% only included one vehicle, which indicates that many are not the fault of another driver. However, one-vehicle crashes don’t always mean that nobody else shares liability. The remaining 15% of fatal crashes could also be the result of someone else’s poor decision-making.

How healthy is your brain following a crash?

In serious traffic accidents, the bulk of the injuries might not be visible. Even if no victims are bleeding or externally wounded, it might be too early to judge the extent of damage. There may still be severe injuries, particularly in the brain. However, it’s difficult to know whether you suffered brain damage right away.

Because so much force is involved in a high-impact crash, a victim could experience a concussion. This happens when the head moves so quickly that the brain collides with the hard wall of the skull. Sometimes, it bounces back and hits the opposite side as well. When this happens, the brain tissue in those areas may become bruised and swollen. The information stored within those sections might not be accessible to the rest of the body until they fully heal, which is why concussions can have many diverse effects.

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