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Parking lot collisions: Frequent and serious

Most drivers have had a near miss with another vehicle in a parking lot. It is an unsettling experience, but usually, no injuries occur.  

Even though parking lots are an innocent, everyday sight in America, they are not always safe places for drivers or shoppers. Accidents are common. For every five car accidents, one of them occurred in a parking lot. They can cause severe or even hidden injuries.

How can you protect yourself when boarding a train?

If you utilize the train system in Washington to commute each day, you are probably familiar with the occasional stress of running late and worrying about your ability to catch the train before it leaves the station. Understanding what you can do to better protect yourself and your safety is important to have a positive and non-stressful commute. 

One of the best things that you can do is to plan ahead and organize your route. Learn about where the train's stops are and where they will coordinate if you need to switch trains in order to make it to your destination. Another important tip is to avoid distractions that could compromise your awareness. For example, listening to audiobooks or music is a great idea while you are riding on the train, but when you are nearing the station, turn your devices off so you can be fully aware of what is happening. Doing so can help you avoid injuries from slipping, tripping and falling or being hit by a train. 

Sun glare can make your commute dangerous

Few things beat a sunny day. After all, getting outside to enjoy the warm weather is one of the simple pleasures of life. While sunshine may encourage your plants to grow and give your skin a golden glow, it can wreak havoc on your commute. 

Even though Seattle has a reputation for gray skies and rain, the city sees its fair share of sunny days. To drive your vehicle safely, you must be able to see the roadway in front of you. If sun glare blinds you, your otherwise ordinary commute can turn into a catastrophe. Here are five ways to combat sun glare from behind the wheel: 

Keeping your bike properly maintained can keep you safer

Riding your bicycle in Washington may be an efficient way for you to commute or even something you enjoy doing leisurely for exercise or relaxation. Whatever your mindset is when you put your helmet on and head out to ride, properly maintaining the components of your bike can help you to stay safer on your adventure. At Dean Standish Perkins & Associates, we have helped support victims of bicycle accidents. 

Your bicycle is dependable as long as each component remains in working order. If you have been in an accident or have not performed any regular maintenance on your bike, you may benefit from taking a minute to learn about some of the best tools and resources to invest in so you can keep your bike in optimal condition. 

What can you do to prevent motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents, like the majority of car accidents, are preventable with awareness, vigilance, and proper precautions. Whether you ride a motorcycle in Washington or you simply want to do your part to protect two-wheeled motorists on the road, there are a few simple things you can change about the way you drive and operate to protect yourself and others on the road. StateFarm shares with you just a few of them.

According to the insurance giant, 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or fatalities. This in and of itself makes it all the more important to do everything you can to keep motorcyclists safe. If you are a motorcycle operator, you can protect yourself by gearing up. Wear long pants and sleeves made from leather or another protective material. Do not forget your gloves and eye protection, and wear motorcycle boots that cover your ankles. Make sure other motorists see you by wearing bright colors with reflective elements.

Motorists do not look out for bicycles and motorcycles

No matter what vehicle you use, you need to be defensive at all times. Nowhere is that more pertinent than when you are on a bicycle. Studies have found that over half of all drivers on the road do not pay attention to whether a bicyclist is nearby. 

An accident on a bicycle has the potential to cause greater injuries than if the person had been inside a car. Therefore, it is the responsibility of motorists to pay attention to the road at all times. Additionally, bicyclists need to be aware motorists may not always see them and act accordingly. 

How can you identify and report a drunk driver?

Drunk individuals do not just put themselves at risk when they choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle – they put others at risk as well. If you see someone driving erratically along a Washington road, you have a duty to yourself and others to call the authorities and report the driver. Many people feel guilty for doing so, as there is always the chance that the person is just tired or took his or her eyes off the road for a second. If you experience a moment of hesitation, you can assuage your guilt by knowing how to identify a truly drunk driver. SafeWise provides tips you can use.

According to SafeWise, an impaired driver will exhibit telltale signs. Unfortunately, distracted and tired drivers will exhibit many of the same signs, but if someone is driving dangerously, they still pose a threat to others and you should report them. That said, the telltale signs for which you should look include the following:

  •       Erratic acceleration or braking
  •       Slowing or swerving
  •       Sudden turns
  •       Driving on the wrong side of the road or down the middle of the road
  •       Inappropriate stopping in traffic
  •       Failure to abide by traffic signals

Common deadly threats for motorcyclists

Taking your motorcycle out for a spin can be fun and convenient, but it comes with some dangers. There are a lot of unique threats to the health and safety of motorcyclists. Motorcycles make up only 4 percent of all vehicles in Washington state but account for 14 percent of traffic fatalities

Why are motorcyclists more likely to die than others? Staying aware of the risks you face and paying attention while riding may help you avoid collisions. Here are some common safety threats for motorcyclists

Car seat expiration dates are not just a suggestion

For many Washington parents, one of their top priorities, when they are traveling places, is to protect their children. Often, they research car seat brands and models. They compare subjects like price, functionality and versatility in making sure their selection will be the best fit for their child. Once installed, many parents make sure their child is safely fastened into his or her car seat before leaving anywhere. 

However, what about expiration dates on child restraints? A controversial topic no doubt, some parents claim that these seemingly phony expiration dates are of little relevance to the safety of their child so long as he or she is properly restrained in their vehicle. Research suggests that these expiration dates are quite important and are put in place to encourage parents to replace child restraints once they have reached that date. The reason is that many car seats are constructed out of plastic which can become brittle over time. If an older, expired car seat is involved in a car accident, it may be much less effective in withstanding an impact. 

Common sense and responsibility can prevent road debris

When people are confronted with the topic of car accidents in Washington, their immediate thoughts may turn to factors like distraction, inclement weather or negligence of some kind. While each of these reasons is undoubtedly causes of certain crashes, another hazard that can set the foundation for a disastrous accident is road debris. 

When people have to transport something between two different places, it is their responsibility to see that they get their load safely from Point A to Point B. While there are many ways of going about securing a load, many people overlook the importance of a rather simple task. As such, they put their life at risk, as well as the lives of people around them when they begin driving on busy roads with a wobbly load. 

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