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The importance of determining negligence in a train crash

Train crashes can be devastating, especially when it leads to severe injury or death. Thankfully, victims are usually able to file personal injury claims to seek compensation for their suffering.

There are a few factors that affect a claim, and negligence is one of them. Therefore, it is vital to determine and prove negligence in a train crash claim.

Misconceptions about right-of-way in Washington: Part 2

On the road, right-of-way is an important guide to safety. In the courtroom, it can also help an accident victim prove that the other driver is at fault for injuries and damage. Every driver in Washington should understand when to yield and when to proceed to avoid dangerous crashes.

In part one of this mini-series, we cleared some confusion about unregulated intersections and pedestrians. In part two, we will discuss intersections with broken light signals and sharing the road with special vehicles.

Misconceptions about right-of-way in Washington: Part 1

Traffic laws can keep drivers, cyclists and pedestrians out of harm’s way on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers quickly forget the lessons they once memorized in a driver’s education course. They can find themselves in trouble with police or in an accident if they neglect the law.

Among the easily forgettable traffic rules is the concept of right-of-way. If multiple people want to occupy the same space on the road, who deserves to have it? How can they communicate while in a vehicle?

Celebrate Distracted Driving Awareness Month

When heading down the road to the grocery store – a route you have taken a thousand times – are you tempted to entertain yourself on the way? Do you tap away a quick message to remind your spouse to pick up the kids from school?

For many drivers, distracted driving is easy to disregard with common excuses: nobody else was on the road, they only glanced at their phone for a moment or everybody else does it and they don’t crash. However, these excuses are often not true. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which is a great time to reiterate how serious this issue is in Seattle.

Important laws for motorcycle riders

Some people view motorcycles as dangerous vehicles. The various motorcycle crashes that people see and hear about may only add to this notion.

However, they can be quite safe and enjoyable when riders operate them correctly. To aid in this endeavor, there are a few laws that relate to motorcycles that riders should be aware of.

Pedestrian deaths rose faster than any other crash type

The world can be a dangerous place. Traffic accidents can happen to anyone at any time - even if they aren't the one driving. Simply walking along the street may be enough to cause a Seattle resident to get hurt in a crash.

Despite national efforts to decrease impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding and other illegal behavior, pedestrian fatalities are actually rising at a frightening rate. In fact, the number of pedestrian deaths in the past year is at a higher level than it has been in 25 years.

Considerations for injured pedestrians after a car accident

Pedestrians have the right of way at intersections. Though this is a common rule that people are taught in regard to traffic, some people do not fully ascribe to it and its related stipulations. This can lead to a pedestrian becoming injured and filing a claim.

When pedestrians are involved in accidents with vehicles, being aware of a few important aspects of the claim process can aid them in building strong cases.

Train engineers can make deadly choices

We often think of the roads as the most dangerous part of a city. Drunk or distracted drivers, speeding, vehicle malfunctions and genuine accidents can all put the lives of drivers and passengers in jeopardy.

However, railways can have all of these problems, too. These types of accidents can be especially lethal because trains are so powerful. Like drivers of personal vehicles, train engineers may be at fault for serious damage in a crash.

The most common bike accident injuries tend to be severe

Drivers do not always respect the safety of bicycle riders. If a driver does not watch for cyclists, fails to give them enough room or misjudges the situation, a crash may be more likely to happen. Sadly, while being inside a vehicle protects drivers, being outside the vehicle endangers cyclists.

The strong force of colliding with a vehicle is enough to send a cyclist flying. Even at relatively slow speeds, they might suffer severe damage. Helmets can only do so much to protect riders from impact.

Personal injury damage types

Automobile accidents occur every day. Some are truly accidents while others are due to the negligence of certain drivers. In the case of the latter, it may be possible to file an auto accident claim

In order to receive the best possible compensation, it is important to understand the details of damages. There are a few different types of damages that people may claim in a personal injury case.

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