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Symptoms of drowsy driving and how to stop it

Many individuals may not realize just how dangerous driving while drowsy is. Dangerous as it is, drowsy driving is an easy situation to get yourself into. 

A shocking statistic, one in 25 American adults report having fallen asleep behind the wheel just in the past 30 days.

New lawyers: how joining a bar association can help you

When you are starting out as a new lawyer, having a good support system is crucial, especially from other lawyers. A great way to get support from other lawyers is to join a bar association. These associations are made up of lawyers that share your practice and/or are located in your state.

Washington has many different legal associations that you can be a part of. There are multiple organizations for each practice area as well state or nation, such as the Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) or the American Bar Association (ABA). The hardest part is finding the right one for you.

What safety features should you have in your new car?

The car you are presently driving may be years old, and the safety features could be confined to seatbelts, anti-lock brakes and airbags. When you begin your search for a new--or at least more current--vehicle, you may be surprised at the many innovative safety features that are available.

How to market your law firm

If you are starting your own law firm, one of the most important steps is learning how to market your business. If people in need of legal services do not know that you exist, you will not be able to take them on as a client.


You’re starting your legal practice: what equipment do you need?

You did it. You have graduated college, passed the bar exam and are now determined to open your own law firm. After getting a business license and finding a space, there are still a few things you will want to check off your list before declaring that you are open for business. Specifically, there are items that you will want to find, purchase or rent to have in your office that will make your life easier.


How to continue learning after law school

Even the best lawyers need to continue learning after starting their practice. Continuing to learn and grow after completing law school is essential for the success of your firm. There are several ways for new and experienced lawyers alike to stay up-to-date on Washington legislature as well as perform additional research on practice topics.


Seattle sidewalk traffic hazards

The steep hills in Seattle can create challenges for people who want to commute on foot or via bicycle. Now, though, people have the option to rent and ride electronically assisted bicycles - on the sidewalks.

An ordinance allowing bicycles on the sidewalks has long been in place, but e-bikes may be particularly dangerous to pedestrians because they can travel up to 20 mph, and the law allows riders to go that fast amidst the foot traffic. However, not only do sidewalk riders pose a greater threat to others, but they also may be putting themselves at higher risk of a crash.

Seattle ranked a tough place for drivers

Driving can have its frustrations. A recent report suggests this may particularly be the case for people here in Seattle. It named Seattle one of the worst places for drivers when it comes to large U.S. cities.

According to this WalletHub report, among America’s 100 biggest cities, Seattle is ranked 96th regarding being driver-friendly.

Program bridges gap between law school and a successful practice

Many people may think that upon graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, an attorney is ready to "hang out a shingle" and get to work. In fact, while they have learned how to be lawyers, graduates may not have learned how to successfully establish and grow their practice in today's ever-changing legal professional landscape.

According to The Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law, there are many reasons that the former business models for legal professionals are no longer the best. Among these are technological innovation and economic pressure. Clients have greater expectations, too, such as pricing structures that they can afford, unbundled services and a variety of methods of communication. 

Railroad accidents: a guide

When we think about accidents that occur on roadways, it is common to think about two cars colliding. However, train accidents occur more common often than you may realize. In 2017, there were over 2,000 railroad-crossing collisions.


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