Seasonal delivery drivers at risk for accidents

by | Nov 26, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Issaquah shoppers may be out dashing from store to store to catch Black Friday deals today, but online gift purchasing is constantly rising in popularity. Throughout December, it’s not uncommon to pass a delivery truck on the roads. In fact, you may be swept up in the frenzy yourself as a seasonal delivery driver.

In anticipation for the rush of package delivery needs around the holidays, UPS and FedEx made goals to hire a total of nearly 150,000 temporary workers. In Washington, some of these temporary delivery truck drivers are navigating roadways with large vehicles for the first time.

Driving a commercial truck is usually much more difficult than driving your personal vehicle. Turns are wider, braking takes longer, and other vehicles constantly try to pass you. Add potential ice storms in the mix, and you could have a recipe for disaster.

While experienced commercial drivers also face danger on the road, seasonal workers might have a few extra obstacles.

For one, the frantic holiday season could cause several employers to skimp on training. If you encounter a situation that wasn’t part of your training, you could make a wrong move that leads to an accident or injury.

In addition, employers might pressure drivers to work long hours over the legal limit, especially for overnight package deliveries. In addition to limited vision in the dark, drivers can easily space out when tired. Highway hypnosis can leave seasonal workers prone to collisions.

When an accident happens on the job, you could sustain serious injuries. As a result, your medical bills might cause you to owe more than you expect to make over the holidays. Your employer could even demand that you pay for damaged packages.

Regardless of how the accident happened, consult with a personal injury attorney about handling the insurance claim, defending your rights as a driver and pursuing compensation to cover any costs related to the crash.


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