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Important laws for motorcycle riders

Some people view motorcycles as dangerous vehicles. The various motorcycle crashes that people see and hear about may only add to this notion.

However, they can be quite safe and enjoyable when riders operate them correctly. To aid in this endeavor, there are a few laws that relate to motorcycles that riders should be aware of.

Motorcycle operation

A particularly important law specific to motorcycles in the state of Washington is that drivers must have licenses with the motorcycle endorsement in order to operate the vehicle. There are also certain operation specific laws to be aware of, such as passengers must be at least five years old, and all persons on the vehicle must wear a helmet and have functioning foot pegs.

Motorcycle equipment

A vehicle that classifies as a motorcycle must meet certain equipment standards. Some of the key equipment regulations include the following:

  • Two to three wheels
  • A windshield, goggles or some type of face shield
  • Handlebars no more than 30 inches above the seat
  • Head, tail and brake lights
  • Mirrors
  • Foot pegs

There are other equipment components that may be specific to the type of motorcycle. For example, those models built before 1960 do not have to have turn signals. It is important for bike owners to be familiar with the requirements for their particular motorcycle make and model.

General traffic laws

As motor vehicles, motorcycles are still subject to all of the general rules of the road. However, these may vary depending upon where the rider is. Therefore, those looking to travel across state lines may find it beneficial to learn about any different regulations of each state.

Being aware of and following the law could not only help to keep riders safe, but may also aid in the claim process, in the event of an accident. Many laws could play an important role when a motorcyclist is pursuing legal action in connection to a crash. This includes motorcycle-related laws and laws related to personal injury claims.

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