The danger of a hidden TBI

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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can dramatically change an individual’s life after an accident. From neurological damage to structural damage, a person’s entire family might struggle with the impact for years or decades to come. Unfortunately, numerous symptoms are difficult to recognize even by the victim.

TBIs can result from either direct impact or the brain’s jarring movement inside the skull. To illustrate this further, in a car accident, an individual’s head might hit the windshield, steering wheel or side support beams of the vehicle causing injury. Additionally, the sudden back-and-forth or side-to-side motion of the head can cause the brain to impact with the inside of the cranium itself and cause an injury without ever hitting a physical object. Both levels of impact can cause damage to either the structure or the function of the brain.

How can an injury be hidden?

A hidden TBI occurs when the link between the injury and the associated problems are unclear. As mentioned before, a sudden whiplash motion in a car accident will not leave any visible signs of injury and the victim might not even recall the jarring movement of their head, but the brain’s impact with the inside of the skull can have devastating effects.

Additionally, there might be a lengthy period of time that elapses between an accident and the appearance of cognitive or personality symptoms causing further confusion around the reason for the sudden onset of seemingly untethered symptoms.

What are the implications of a hidden TBI?

People might begin experiencing deleterious effects without truly understanding their impetus. From something that might be considered annoying such as a persistent headache or memory challenges to more serious symptoms such as mood swings and blurred vision. These symptoms, undiagnosed and untreated, can dramatically impact an individual’s ability to earn a living. If personality changes lead to job loss, a person might begin to spiral into depression and serious financial peril.

After any sort of motor vehicle accident, it is wise to discuss your situation with a skilled physician. Even if no physical damage is apparent, you might face concussion or TBI symptoms.


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