3 tips for better springtime safety on your motorcycle ride

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

With spring here and summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to dust off a motorcycle and get riding. Springtime weather has its dangers, though, which is why motorcyclists need to take some time to refresh themselves before heading out.

Every year, one of the best things that riders can do is to take a short driving course. Whether that’s a defensive driving course, a weather safety course or another form doesn’t matter. The point is to get reacquainted with riding a motorcycle, which may be something that the rider has not done in several months.

There are some tips that can help riders stay a little safer in the spring until the summer when most drivers are familiar with having motorcyclists on the roads again. Here are three to keep you upright and safe while you ride.

  1. Before you ride, check the weather

The first tip is to check the weather before you start to drive. Cooler weather means that your tires will also be cold. Cooler tires have less traction. So, in the cool mornings and evenings, remember to give yourself more time to slow down and stop. Take it easy on turns, too.

  1. Brighten up

Another good tip for the spring is to make yourself as visible as possible. Wearing darker colors only makes it harder for other drivers to see you. Since there aren’t many people who ride motorcycles in the winter, spring and fall, having bright colors will help you catch the eyes of those driving and prevent collisions.

  1. In poor weather, park

Finally, remember that you do have the option of pulling over or stopping when the weather is poor. Drivers don’t expect to see motorcyclists out on the roads in heavy spring rains or during storms. To better protect yourself, pull over if the weather gets too bad. If you haven’t left home and have the option, take a car or truck instead in inclement weather.

These tips could help you prevent a crash and keep yourself safer as you start getting back on the road. Understanding friction at different temperatures, wearing bright colors and knowing when to pull over are all important topics to know.


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