Don’t let your cellphone put you at risk of a wreck

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Car Accidents

As technology advances, cell phones begin to play a more pivotal role in our daily lives. Not only are cell phones a way to stay connected socially, many people essentially work from their phones. 

At the same time, individuals can’t remain stationary at all times, people need to get around. Driving is an essential mode of transportation for many and it simply doesn’t mix with cell phone use. In fact, studies show that distracted driving costs thousands of people their lives each year, with cell phone use being the biggest source of distraction

If cell phones and vehicles are to play a key role in our daily activities, then we need to figure out a way to make sure this can happen safely. Here are some ideas that might be useful; 

Don’t allow yourself access to your phone

If your phone is out of reach, then you cannot use it. There are many compartments in your vehicle where a cell phone can be safely stored until you reach your destination. For instance, you may opt to place the phone in the glove box. If you really want to make sure that the phone is out of the way, you could even place it in the trunk. If you opt to pursue either of these options, be sure to switch the phone off, or at least onto silent, so that the ringtone does not become a distraction. 

If you must take a call, stop the car

If you are awaiting medical results or expecting some other big news, it might be worth pulling over to make or take a call. This will allow you to focus fully on your interactions, without having to think about remaining safe on the road. Usually, a safe parking space can be located within a matter of minutes, which will allow you to take your time and communicate effectively. Answering the phone while driving or sending a text just simply isn’t worth the risk. 

If you are distracted or another road user is in this position, then there is a risk of injury. Being involved in a road traffic collision can be traumatic and the option might be open for you to pursue legal compensation for the harm you have suffered. 


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