Can you drive with an injured leg or ankle?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Car Accidents

You may have had a recent accident that impairs your ability to walk. It may have happened because you fell down some steps or you sprained your ankle on a hiking trip. Whatever the cause, it has complicated your life. This might make it hard to walk around your house, show up to work or even shop for food.

An injured leg or ankle may make you wonder if it is safe to drive your car. Here is what you should know:

There is no law saying can not drive unless a doctor says otherwise

Driving a car to work, the grocery store or picking up your kid is much harder with an injured foot or ankle. You may find it harder to drive if you have a cast rather than a brace.

That does not necessarily stop you from driving. There are no laws that stop you from driving with an injured leg or ankle, however, that does not necessarily mean it is the safest choice of action.

If you are in a wreck, it could make collecting compensation difficult

Your doctor might restrict you from doing many activities you are normally used to doing. One of these restrictions may include not leaving the house or using your car.

Even if you’re not responsible for the car accident, your physical limitations could make collecting fiar compensation difficult. Insurance companies consider every detail including if you were ever told you should have avoided driving until you healed. If this is your situation, you may need legal guidance that can help ensure you take the right actions.


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