Why don’t more motorcycle riders wear visibility gear?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

There are a few factors responsible for a large percentage of most motorcycle crashes. It is frequently not a motorcycle rider who is to blame for a crash but rather someone who is operating a larger vehicle. In some cases, the reason for a crash will be obvious because a motorist had their phone in their hand or was under the influence of alcohol when they hit a motorcycle rider. Other times, a motorist will make the claim that they didn’t see the motorcycle. Research into human psychology actually bears out that seemingly ludicrous claim. The brain doesn’t always communicate to individuals about the presence of smaller and less threatening objects in traffic when it has too much to analyze.

As a result of this reality and the risks they face, it would seem like drawing the attention of motorists in traffic would be a top priority for motorcycle riders. However, visibility gear remains relatively unpopular, if not somewhat controversial, despite being widely available online and at many stores and service centers. Why do many motorcycle riders forego visibility gear?

They dislike the aesthetic

One of the top-reported reasons motorcycle riders provide regarding their decision to forgo brightly colored gear on their motorcycles is that it does not fit with the look they want to cultivate. Many of them reference not wanting to go to their favorite bar or to meet up with friends while wearing neon colors. They much prefer the dark, classic look. An argument can easily be made for investing in both dark gear for cosmetic purposes that one carries along in a saddlebag or storage compartment and visibility gear for while one is on everyday rides.

They don’t believe it will help

Motorcycles are already large and loud. There is very little that a rider can do to draw the mental attention of people in vehicles near them if their vehicle hasn’t been able to do so. Therefore, some motorcyclists prefer to drive very cautiously, often pretending that they are invisible, rather than trying to draw attention as a safety tactic. A combination of both approaches might be the most effective solution.

Identifying steps that one can take to reduce the risk of a motorcycle crash might help someone stay on their next ride. With that said, not all accidents are preventable. Accident victims shouldn’t hesitate to seek legal guidance to better understand their options if the actions or inactions of another have caused them physical harm.


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