Why new lawyers benefit from mentorship and incubator programs

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Becoming a licensed attorney in Washington state is a very lengthy and expensive process. Aspiring lawyers dedicate years and tens of thousands of dollars to their educations, and graduation doesn’t automatically lead to gainful employment in most cases. Some new lawyers spend years trying to establish themselves inside existing firms, while others decide that they want to be their own bosses.

Those who hope to start their own practice instead of seeking employment with an existing firm will likely need to invest substantially in that undertaking after completing their education. From rent at an office to insurance and support staff costs, there are many overhead expenses for a new lawyer to manage, all while trying to market themselves and attract clients.

It can be very difficult to manage the business aspects of starting a law firm even if someone has the intelligence to pass the bar exam and finish law school. For those interested in developing a professional practice after graduating from the Issaquah University School of Law, the Low Bono Incubator Program could be an opportunity to learn about the business aspects of practicing law in a low-risk and supportive environment.

What is the Low Bono Incubator Program?

New law school graduates who join the Low Bono Incubator Program can cooperate with clients who fall into a major gap in the legal system: Those who don’t qualify for aid based on indigence but who cannot afford the standard rates charged by attorneys can seek advice and representation through the Low Bono Incubator Program.

Recent graduates participating in the program benefit from hands-on experience working with clients, along with access to mentorship from established lawyers and access to crucial resources for research purposes. They can turn to others for support throughout the process while developing their own abilities through actual cases.

Helping new lawyers understand the challenges of the profession and the business aspects of managing a law practice is the ultimate goal of the Low Bono Incubator Program. Trying to develop a personal practice after years in school can be too much of a burden to take on all at once.

Many recent graduates of law school benefit from having hands-on guidance and access to the resources available at an established law firm. Connecting with the right support can make all the difference for those dreaming of establishing a successful legal practice after graduating from law school.


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