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How often are work zones a factor in car accidents?

As someone who regularly commutes or drives in Washington, you have probably seen firsthand just how common work zones are on the state's roadways. Whether workers are repairing damaged roads, adding new infrastructure to a community or what have you, work zones have become a regular, unavoidable part of life for most motorists, but they are also undeniably dangerous.

3 steps parents can take to protect their teenage drivers

Many Seattle-area parents cannot wait for the day their children to become licensed drivers. Excitement often overshadows the concerns parents should about their teens' safety behind the wheel. Driving is not just a rite of passage for teens. It is also a leading reason why so many of them do not reach adulthood. 

Considerations for injured pedestrians after a car accident

Pedestrians have the right of way at intersections. Though this is a common rule that people are taught in regard to traffic, some people do not fully ascribe to it and its related stipulations. This can lead to a pedestrian becoming injured and filing a claim.

Grace period for distracted drivers in Washington is over

Washington state recently passed a law prohibiting any distracted driving as a result of using a smartphone. Last year, the state passed a bill which allowed police officers to issue a fine to anyone caught using a phone while driving even if the person was at a stop sign or red light. While the law technically went into effect last summer, there was a grace period so drivers could acclimate to the new law. On January 23rd, the law went into full effect. 

Reckless driving is a major problem for motorists

Driving is a responsibility that some drivers in the Seattle area do not take seriously. They are ignorant of the dangers they face and pose to others when they do things they should not do while they are operating their vehicles. Some of them do not care and believe that the risks will never happen to them. Some of the most common driving infractions are reckless and the cause of serious car accidents and road fatalities. 

The dangers of not using turn signals when driving

Car accidents happen so often on the roads in Seattle that many people do not give much thought to the causes. Many individuals assume that excessive speeds and alcohol are the likely culprits in motor vehicle collisions. They might not realize how much of a role turn signals play in car accidents. According to, "48 percent of motorists do not use their turn signals when changing lanes." When you take into consideration distractions and other unsafe driving behaviors, the dangers that everyone on the roads faces increase tremendously. 

Avoiding the dangers of drowsy driving

Many motorists in the Seattle area drive when they are feeling less alert and unrested, not realizing the dangers they face and create on the roads. Drowsy driving is dangerous. It can have devastating effects on individuals who end up in motor vehicle collisions with sleep deprived-drivers.

How to avoid driving distractions

People who drive while distracted should consider the dangers. They may not think their actions can lead to serious injury and death because they have not encountered them yet. However, distractions do play a major factor in the number of motor vehicle collisions that occur every day on the roads in the Seattle area. 

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